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Compared with the packaging of "new world", the packaging of "old world" wine emphasizes more on the tradition, history, grade and origin of the winery, while "new world" should establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, and highlight brands and varieties

for France, Italy, Spain and other traditional "old world" countries, the overall packaging of wine is relatively simple, and some wineries have even been a kind of packaging for hundreds of years. In general, Cabernet Sauvignon may be more packed in straight bottles, while Burgundy wines mostly choose Burgundy bottle packaging. In central Italy, there are occasional changes in wine packaging, but it is more as an ornament and does not carry out some market-oriented operations. The wine of Mutong winery in Bordeaux, France, uses artistic paintings as bottle labels, which is more innovative

it is understood that the few changes in packaging in "old world" countries are related to the fact that the market has been finalized and relatively stable. Generally, the wine market in these countries is relatively stable and the credibility of products is high. Therefore, manufacturers are more concerned about their internal quality, and they are not too demanding for the post-processing heat treatment of outer packaging to obtain the most suitable crystallinity of PEEK film. In addition, for the wines of these countries, the packaging is to a large extent to publicize their own winery history and tradition in order to attract consumption. Therefore, the simple and unsophisticated packaging can better match their own publicity theme, and some colorful colors are not suitable for the positioning of products

in wine "new world" countries, such as the United States and Australia, relatively pay attention to packaging. In the middle of the last century, American wine merchants launched the wine bottle packaged in a flip bottle, also known as "American bottle", which has become an innovation in bottle packaging and has been adopted by many wineries. The bottle type of domestic Changyu premium Cabernet dry red is this kind of flip bottle. Our industry development is too late to wait for the instigation. In 1956, Australian wine merchants launched plastic packaged wine, which is designed to meet the trend of large packaging of local wine, which is conducive to freshness and portability. Now it has been gradually accepted. At present, the packaged wine has reached about 10% in the Australian market

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