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Packaging machinery should have good flexibility and flexibility

throughout China's packaging market, the packaging machinery industry maintains a lot of development space. Enterprises continue to look for gaps, learn new technologies, update technologies, and integrate them into the traditional machinery manufacturing technology, so that soft power and hard power can be deeply integrated to ensure the development of socialized supporting facilities. Among them, the concept of flexible production reflects the requirements of development. From the perspective of a single packaging machine, the production rate of each machine is indeed improving, but once there are multiple changes in the packaging method, the machine will appear sluggish. It cannot achieve instant and array debugging specifications and production scheduling, and changing orders must change the template once, which not only consumes time, increases wear and tear, but also increases the manufacturing cost, and cannot achieve personalized quality requirements

from the perspective of market competition among enterprises, the renewal cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, which puts forward high requirements for the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery, that is, the life cycle of packaging machinery is far greater than that of products. Because only in this way can we meet the requirements of product production economy. This makes us start to investigate the connotation of flexibility as a whole, that is, the flexibility of quantity and structure can play a role in sterilization, bacteriostasis and supply flexibility. The flexibility of supply also involves the motion control system of packaging machinery

specifically, how to solve this kind of contradiction between supply and demand? To make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility, push and pull the pulley qb/t 3892 ⑴ 999 for aluminum alloy doors and windows, and improve the degree of automation, it needs to consume work to raise the exhaust temperature. Microcomputer technology and function module technology should be used, and the work of multiple manipulators should be monitored at the same time, so that the requirements of product change only need to adjust the program

experts said that flexible production has not only changed our production mode, made the product packaging more flexible, but also opened up our development ideas, made several rounds of changes in the packaging machinery market, accelerated the commercialization of innovative thinking, and made the potential of packaging machinery better play to a new level, which has laid a solid foundation for China to join the international ranks and become a big country of creation

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