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Packaging machinery showed a steady growth trend

from January to April this year, the production and sales of China's food packaging machinery industry continued to show a steady growth trend, the export delivery value also increased, and only the production and sales volume fell slightly. It is particularly commendable that after entering April, the cumulative profit growth of the food packaging machinery industry was 67.94%, 24.42 percentage points higher than that in the first quarter, and Chenglan was the industry with the largest growth rate among the 13 industries

the main reason why food packaging machinery can achieve rapid profit growth is the strong promotion of market demand. According to the prediction of industry experts, by 2010, the total output value of the domestic food packaging machinery industry will only reach 130billion yuan (current price), while the market demand may reach 200billion yuan, far exceeding the supply demand, providing a valuable opportunity for the development of the industry

accelerate product upgrading

however, the imbalance between supply and demand also creates opportunities for foreign food packaging equipment to enter the Chinese market, and the domestic market gap of 70billion yuan is likely to be filled by foreign equipment. Especially at present, China's food packaging machinery products are too single, and the speed of product upgrading is too slow, which makes China's packaging machinery enterprises lack resistance in the face of "foreign" invasion

therefore, the state clearly pointed out in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" to narrow the gap between supply and demand, make the food industry catch up with the world's advanced level, and provide advanced technical equipment, so that imported equipment can only play the role of picking up the leftovers and making up the deficiencies in the domestic market. This requires the annual development rate of domestic food and packaging machinery to exceed 18%, and the output value rate of new products to reach 25%

to improve the output rate of new products will inevitably require accelerating the upgrading of products. But how can we make new products in line with international standards? Industry experts believe that electromechanical integration should be the main direction of new product research and development

traditional packaging machinery mostly adopts mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft, and later electronic, photoelectric, pneumatic and other control forms appear. However, with the increasing productivity and the random variation of packaging parameters, these control systems have become increasingly difficult to meet new needs. At this time, a new technology electromechanical integration technology came into being, which completely changed the face of packaging machinery and made it appear in front of the world with a new attitude

the era of "intelligence" is coming.

mechatronics technology is a comprehensive technology based on information theory, cybernetics and system theory. Its essence is to organically combine machinery, electronics, information, detection and other related technologies from a systematic point of view, using the principle of process control, so as to realize the overall optimization. Specifically, it introduces microcomputer technology into packaging machinery. In this packaging machine, microcomputer, as its brain, replaces the conventional control system of =17.96 (g). The mechanical structure is its main body and trunk. Various instruments, meters and sensors are its senses. They feel the changes of various packaging parameters and feed them back to the brain (microcomputer). Various actuators are its hands and feet to complete the actions necessary for packaging operations

a complete mechatronics system generally includes microcomputer, sensor, transmission system, actuator and other parts. It abandons the cumbersome and unreasonable parts of conventional packaging machinery, and integrates the advanced technologies of machinery, microcomputer, microelectronics, sensors and other disciplines, which has brought profound changes to the design, manufacturing and control of packaging machinery, and fundamentally changed the face of packaging machinery

first, the mechanical structure is greatly simplified. The control system is different from the pull range of the machine's starter. The traditional packaging machinery control system mostly uses relays and contactors to control the circuit, and its complexity increases with the increase of actuators and adjustment parts, making the machine more and more complex, which brings inconvenience to manufacturing, adjustment, use and maintenance. In electromechanical integration, the cumbersome electrical control cabinet and driving device can be replaced by microcomputer, sensor technology and new transmission technology, which greatly reduces the number of parts, greatly simplifies the structure and reduces the volume

secondly, the product quality is improved. There is a huge storage system in the microcomputer. People can store the parameters and relevant data that affect the work of the packaging machine into the microcomputer in advance, and it can automatically track the production process. When one or several parameters change, this change is instantly fed back to the microcomputer, which also facilitates the majority of users to recognize, judge and timely correct the changing parameters of the machine, so that the packaging machine can maintain the best working state at any time. When the process parameters of traditional packaging machines change, their adjustment is mostly based on experience, which makes it difficult to find the best parameters; If several process parameters change at the same time, it is at a loss. For example, the sealing quality of the most common plastic bag sealing machine is related to packaging materials, heat sealing temperature and running speed. If the material (material and thickness) changes, the temperature and speed will also change, but the amount of change is difficult to grasp. If microcomputer control is adopted, the best parameters of sealing temperature and speed of various packaging materials are matched and input into microcomputer memory, and then necessary sensors are equipped to form an automatic tracking system. In this way, no matter which process parameters are changed, the best sealing quality can be guaranteed

finally, product reliability is improved. The more parameter changes and adjustment parts, the greater the superiority of electromechanical integration, which is unmatched by general control methods. With more functions and improved reliability, mechatronics can not only maintain the functions of the original packaging machine, but also give many other functions. For example, liquid beverage soft packaging machine, with the joint cooperation of pneumatic, electrical and mechanical, can have the functions of box making, sterilization, filling, sealing, etc. but if the microcomputer is introduced into the control system, it can also store data such as production rate, product quantity, fault phenomenon, fault reason, etc. at the same time, these data can be processed accordingly according to the actual situation, and the results can be printed or displayed on the screen, which greatly facilitates the operation. Mechatronics will also give the packaging machine automatic monitoring, dynamic detection, alarm and other functions, as well as safety chain control, overload and out of control protection and other functions, so that the reliability of the packaging machine will be greatly improved

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