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Packaging manufacturers need to pay attention to the packaging of export goods for long-distance transportation

it is very annoying that export goods are returned by foreign businessmen. A few days ago, an enterprise in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province encountered such a worry, and the reason for the return was the inconspicuous outer packaging during long-distance transportation

previously, the enterprise received four consecutive batches of sofa returns exported to Australia because of sofa ● standard fixed mold aperture: φ 27 ± 0.05mm backrest cushion is not full and deformed, affecting sales. According to the investigation, the sofa production of this enterprise is carried out in strict accordance with the customer's process and technical documents. The material and the number of fillers of the backrest cushion meet the customer's requirements. The reason for the deformation of the backrest cushion is that the Australian packaging design is unreasonable. If the microcomputer function is strong, the sofa can be directly printed during transportation

Jiaxing inspection and quarantine department reminds foreign trade enterprises: adapt to the characteristics of commodities, choose packaging according to the softness and hardness of the exported goods, waterproof and moisture-proof degree, etc., to prevent the goods from being damaged, deteriorated or contaminated during transportation; Adapt to the requirements of various means of transportation, such as solid, anti extrusion and anti-collision packaging for sea transportation, shockproof packaging for railway transportation, and light packaging for air transportation; It must comply with relevant national laws and regulations and the requirements of customers, such as the regulations of wood packaging in various countries and regions, the regulations of fumigation after packaging in Australia and the regulations of Arab countries that the hexagonal star pattern is prohibited for the packaging of imported goods

if the customer puts forward special requirements for packaging, it can be met as needed and possible, but it must not cause difficulties in shipping. In addition, it is necessary to properly package and transport it into elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material gb18242 (2) 008. The level of this book is often directly related to the weight and volume of transportation packaging. Packaging costs directly affect the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, the selected packaging materials should be light, strong and appropriate

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