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Packaging hurts green food a little.

nowadays, because people advocate "green consumption", there are more and more green food on the market. However, as long as you pay attention to the fruits and vegetables in supermarkets and shopping malls, you will find that only a small number of foods use degradable containers and fresh-keeping films for "green" packaging, and many foods are still packaged with disposable foaming plastic trays, transparent plastic packaging films or polyvinyl chloride plastic bags. Although these packages look good, the "green" is discounted

recently, when visiting many supermarkets in Zhengzhou, it was found that some pollution-free vegetables and fruits labeled as green food were packed with degradable fresh-keeping film, but the trays were PVC plastic products. In the garden supermarket, I saw that some of the vegetables marked as pollution-free were packed with plastic wrap, but the plastic wrap was rotten, and the vegetables were almost exposed. In addition, in some supermarkets, many cut fruit platters are also wrapped with disposable foam plastic protectors that are harmful to human health. Some high-quality rice with green food labels are also packaged in harmful plastic woven bags

interviewed several customers at random and asked them if they had paid attention to the packaging of green food. Most consumers think that packaged vegetables and fruits are more hygienic than those without packaging. They never thought there would be problems with food packaging. Some supermarket salesmen also said that the supermarket's things, consumers believe that there is quality assurance, clean and sanitary, has never been consumption. In use, it mainly depends on the testing experimental power of materials and technical requirements. People have questioned the packaging

Ms. Liu, who can shop at Sida supermarket in Zhengzhou after changing gears quickly, said she was worried about the packaging. She said that she would choose pollution-free vegetables and fruits at ordinary times. If their packaging uses some unsanitary or toxic plastic bags, it would be better not to package them. However, plastic packaging is harmful and harmless, which is not easy to distinguish. It has to be used in many places. For some time, I chose colored paper packaging, but when eating food, I found that the colored ink was actually printed on the food. Isn't this also harmful to human body

people concerned believe that Ms. Liu's concern is not unreasonable. PVC, the material of plastic bags and plastic trays used in many green foods such as grains and vegetables, will not only have toxic side effects on human body, but also cause great pollution to the environment after use. What's more, some enterprises are still using a large number of whitening paper for food packaging. In the production process of these papers, in order to improve the whiteness, most of them are treated with fluorescent brighteners that are very toxic to humans and animals. Many businesses like to use color wrapping paper, and the color ink carried in it will also cause great harm to human body if it comes into direct contact with food. In addition, 60% of the tin foil used in many high-end food packaging has excessive lead content, and lead is recognized as the "culprit" of acute and chronic heavy metal poisoning in the world

according to the person in charge of relevant departments in Henan Province, because food packaging is not easy to see toxic from the surface, it is not easy to distinguish, and it involves too many industries, there are hidden dangers in all aspects, such as boxes and bags, flexible packaging, printing, additives, etc. Especially now on the market 5 Foaming lunch boxes with functions of control and data processing have poor moisture and oil resistance. In case of high temperature, they are very easy to react with edible oil and produce a lot of toxicity. At the same time, the legislation on food packaging is also relatively crude. New materials and processes are constantly improving, but food hygiene management legislation lags far behind the development of the times. In terms of food packaging supervision, there are also problems that make the research on material properties reach a new height, and several departments intersect with each other and have loopholes

relevant experts believe that the current food packaging problem that needs to be solved is the comprehensive treatment of disposable lunch boxes and ultra-thin plastic bags. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission is preparing to issue the "management measures for the recycling of packaging materials", which will be conducive to the mandatory recycling of some packaging wastes

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