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The world nano market is favored by Germany, and nano printing has great development potential

[China Packaging News] the German Federal Ministry of education and Research (BMBF) recently released the German nanotechnology development status report "German nano report 2013". The report believes that despite the fierce competition from the Far East, Germany's nanotechnology has enjoyed a good development momentum in recent years, ranking among the world's advanced countries, and is expected to benefit from the continued rapid growth of the world nano market in the future

the report was completed by the technical center of the German Association of Engineers (VDI) entrusted by the German Federal Ministry of education and research. During this period, nearly 2000 nanotechnology companies and research institutions in Germany were inquired and investigated, the current situation of nanotechnology research in Germany in international comparison was described, and the changes of jobs and turnover in the industry were analyzed

according to the data reported, the number of active nanotechnology companies or research institutions in Germany has increased from 1800 in 2011 to 2300, mainly in the field of nano materials, followed by nano coatings, nano analysis and nano biotechnology. Germany currently has nearly 70000 jobs in the field of nanotechnology. The total turnover of German nano enterprises in 2013 is estimated to be about 15billion euros, a positive development from 13billion euros in 2010

in addition, there are about 800 nano research institutions funded by the German government, including research institutions and University chairs, as well as large public research institutions. In recent years, the Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany has funded about 1700 nanotechnology research projects. Under the framework of cooperative research projects, the Federal Ministry of education and research annually funds nanotechnology research of about 220 million euros. At the same time, third-party research funds are also an important source of funding for nano research in Germany. 85% of nano research institutions have more than a quarter of their budget funds from this field. In terms of results, two thirds of the surveyed German nano research institutions applied for patents from 2011 to 2013

According to the report, Germany's nanotechnology research is second only to the United States, while Japan and other European countries are closely behind Germany. Professor Johanna Vanka, Minister of the Federal Ministry of education and research of Germany, said in the preface of the report: nanotechnology is the most important key technology in our era. It has the potential to make important contributions to solving major social challenges, such as climate protection, energy supply, health or transportation. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our support for excellent scientific research institutions and the nano industry

the newspaper cooperates while competing. The report also positively evaluates the development potential of the future world nano market, and believes that in the next few years, many sub fields of nanotechnology are expected to achieve greater development, including nanoparticles, nanotubes, and other nano fibers. Therefore, household appliances must have good flame retardancy. The world nano material market, including nano composites, is expected to grow to 37billion euros by 2017, The annual growth rate will reach 19%. The nano tool market, such as nano micromanipulators and instruments related to near-field optics, nano printing and nano lithography, will also have the same dynamic growth, which is likely to grow from 4.8 billion euros in 2012 to 11 in 2017. The force measuring pointer will rotate at a constant speed of 400million euros. The microscope market in the field of nano analysis is expected to grow by 5% annually, reaching 3.4 billion euros by 2016

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