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Nano material modified polyvinyl alcohol coating liquid

the plastic packaging industry is a new industry. With the development of science and technology, especially the continuous emergence of new materials, the plastic packaging industry is developing rapidly and changing with each passing day. Various types of plastic packaging seem to have come to everyone overnight and become an indispensable important material in people's production and life. Especially with the continuous deepening of China's reform and opening up, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the quality of milk and all kinds of food continue to improve, which not only requires that there is no fundamental qualitative change within the shelf life, but also requires that it has pure taste and rich aroma. With the continuous development of China's dairy industry, a large number of well-known brands continue to emerge, thus replacing some local brands. Therefore, its sales radius continues to expand, and the corresponding barrier performance of packaging materials also puts forward higher requirements

barrier packaging materials can effectively prevent gas penetration due to their molecular structure. Using it as barrier layer and compounding with other materials, it has good comprehensive performance, especially the oxygen permeability is very low. When it is used in food packaging, it can greatly prolong the shelf life of commodity storage. According to incomplete statistics, in developed countries, the use of high barrier materials can account for 47.6% of all flexible packaging materials, and this proportion is increasing at a rate of 5% per year; In developing countries, the use of high barrier materials accounts for only 5% of all flexible packaging materials. The reasons why the two sets of data differ so much are as follows: first, most developing countries do not have the production technology and capacity of high barrier packaging materials, almost completely rely on imports from developed countries, and the price is very expensive; Second, in addition to the high import price of the above imported high barrier packaging materials, if you want to use them to produce excellent high barrier packaging products, you must also match special production equipment, and the price of such equipment is even higher; Third, the above two reasons lead to the high cost of investing in a factory that uses imported high barrier materials to produce high barrier packaging products. As a result, the number of such factories is small in most developing countries. In addition, due to the high cost of its products, its 8 Special engineering plastics containing heteronaphthalene biphenyl structure series: including polyarylamide and polyarylether, the market price is high, and it is often difficult for end users to accept them. This has led to the current situation that high barrier packaging products are difficult to popularize in developing countries. On the one hand, more and more packaged goods need high barrier packaging, and on the other hand, high barrier packaging products are difficult to promote and popularize, this contradiction needs to be solved urgently. The successful development of the instability of nano inorganic modified polyvinyl alcohol coating solution that affects the rotation of the pointer is precisely in line with the development trend. In 2016, 15 projects including 4G evolution system, flexible composite robot and key parts were selected to respond to this development trend. The nano material modified polyvinyl alcohol coating liquid is ahead of similar products at home and abroad with its excellent technical indicators. Its barrier performance is world-class, and its cost performance is inferior to other high barrier materials at home and abroad. Its birth has found a way out for the majority of developing countries to solve the above contradictions. Its excellent performance is outstanding in: it has excellent barrier performance and its barrier performance is not affected by humidity, high transparency, low dosage, high utilization rate of existing equipment, excellent price performance ratio, non-toxic, pollution-free, degradation, and is an ideal environmental friendly high barrier packaging material

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