The hottest nano plastic fell to the ground in the

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Nano plastics fell to the ground happily in the new year

experts said that this will be one of the most promising nanotechnologies in China to realize industrialization

it is reported that this scientific research achievement has been applied to the Beijing Olympic bid project

according to the economic information daily (Li Bin), after 10 years of research and exploration, Chinese scientists have recently developed a series of "amazing" nano plastics, which not only adds new members to the plastic family

, And it makes nano industrialization possible in China

the "nano" added in nano plastics is a natural nano material -

- montmorillonite, which is abundant in China. The team led by Qi Zongneng, a researcher at the State Key Laboratory of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, used intercalation composite technology to evenly disperse this kind of natural clay minerals that are abundant in China into polymers, thus forming nano plastics

milky plastic bottles and pipes filled the room... In the laboratory, I saw these nano plastics. After groping, researchers further developed a series of nano plastics based on polyamide, polyethylene,

polystyrene, epoxy resin, silicone rubber, etc., realizing the industrial production of some

nano plastics, and obtained five invention patents

the test results show that nano plastics show excellent physical and mechanical properties, high strength,

good heat resistance and low specific gravity. At the same time, because the size of nanoparticles is smaller than the wavelength of visible light, nano

meter plastics show good transparency and high gloss. The wear resistance of some materials is 27 times that of yellow

copper and 7 times that of steel

it is reported that due to the low oxygen permeability, some nano plastics also have flame retardant and self extinguishing properties, and the development potential and obstacles of carbon fiber composites in the automotive field can coexist

excellent processing performance, especially the research and shipping market of injection grade nano ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has increased slightly, which solves the international problem of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene processing

"nano plastics have broad application prospects in various fields such as high-performance pipes, automotive and mechanical parts, electronic and electrical components, and are also suitable for

packaging materials for beer cans, meat and cheese products. The reserves have been proved," said Qi Zongneng

it is reported that this scientific research achievement has been applied to Beijing's Olympic bid project. Researcher Zhang Lide, chief scientist in the field of 973 nano meter, said: "nano plastics will be one of the most promising nanotechnologies in China to realize industrialization."

(excerpted from China Packaging News)

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