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New nano photocatalyst materials come out in Zhejiang

new nano photocatalyst materials come out in Zhejiang

January 2, 2004

recently, Zhejiang Hongsheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Provincial Engineering Technology Center for the application of nano materials revised the data, adopted a new process route, and jointly developed high-purity anatase nano titanium dioxide with a particle size of only 5nm, It was put into mass production in Zhoushan tomorrow nano materials Co., Ltd

after testing, experts from the Institute of solid state physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences determined that the product has reached the international advanced level, filling the gap of domestic high-end photocatalyst material, high RTI reinforced flame retardant PET, which was the first to pass the certification and was widely recognized in the market. Experts said that the average original particle size is 5nm, the specific surface area is as high as 222m2/g, and the purity is more than 99.5%. The absorption value of methylene blue in 180min is -0.4532, and relevant data prove that semiconductor particles with particle size less than 10nm have obvious surface effect and quantum size effect, which can show extraordinary oxidation-reduction ability under the action of light until detected by the electronic head

anatase nano titanium dioxide products can be widely used in air purification, sewage treatment, antibacterial and deodorization, industrial catalysis and other fields. The new product will have a good market prospect due to its excellent performance and low price

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