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The development and application of nano packaging and nano materials

the application and development of nano technology and nano materials provide a good development opportunity for China's packaging industry. We now introduce some preliminary concepts of nano packaging as follows for colleagues' reference

1. Definition of nano packaging: Although there is no accurate definition of nano packaging at present, from the perspective of nano science, nano packaging is a general term that reflects the new packaging characteristics of nano synthesis, nano addition and nano modification of packaging products using nano materials and nano technology, so that they have nano structure, scale and special functions

2. Nano packaging has four elements: nano packaging material elements; Nano packaging container elements; Elements of nano packaging technology; Nano packaging information elements

3. Research object and task of nano packaging: study the motion state and law of nano packaging in the logistics process, the law of physical property and function change of nano packaging and preparation technology; Study the relationship between nano packaging and multidisciplinary, so as to put forward new packaging concepts, improve and create new packaging technology and decoration technology, and shorten the process of engineering, industrialization and commercialization of existing packaging enterprises and nano packaging

v. nano coating materials: binary synergy nano interface materials strive to extend binary synergy to nano interfaces, and study new interface physical properties, ultra Bi hydrophobic interface characteristics materials, so that the material is the same as a stable gas film on the macro surface, so that oil or water cannot be in direct contact with the surface of the material, so that the surface of the material presents extraordinary Bi hydrophobicity. At this time, the contact angle between water or oil droplets and the interface tends to be the maximum. In the field of packaging materials, paper products, cartons, films, etc. have also achieved strange superhydrophobic effects

VI. nano luminescent materials and anti-counterfeiting printing: the new nano luminescent materials can self emit light in the dark for more than hours after a few minutes of illumination. Their luminous intensity and maintenance time are more than 30 times that of traditional fluorescent materials, and the materials themselves are free from the toxicity, harmlessness and no radioactive elements of wood fiber powder particles made from sunflower seed shells, wheat bran and wood sawdust, Its stability and weather resistance are excellent. And it can be recycled for unlimited times

using the new American wide width laser holographic anti-counterfeiting and packaging film materials and manufacturing technology, research, development and industrial production of high-performance anti-counterfeiting and packaging film products suitable for the Chinese market, with great market potential, moderate equipment cost and investment

VII. Nano packaging mechanical parts and devices

(1) carbon nanotubes have high mechanical strength and high thermal conductivity. Due to their very large length diameter ratio, they can produce parts of any complex shape. At present, the gears made of low-cost nano plastics, ceramics why some tensile testing machines are very cheap, bearings, nano ceramic corrugated rollers, electric engraving rollers and other printing and packaging machinery parts have begun to replace metal materials

(2) there are many sensors used in offset printing machines. Several domestic offset printing machine manufacturers have applied nano magnetic switches and sensors, which have many advantages compared with the reed type sensors and Hall sensors used in the past

VIII. Nano printing: at present, the semiconductor industry cannot produce parts less than 100nm, and nano technology must be used to break through this limit. In the future, we will devote ourselves to 93nm lithography technology:

(1) improve the external line lithography technology

(2) near X-ray lithography

(3) electron beam printing

the application of nanotechnology in packaging and printing is far more than mentioned. The development of nanotechnology will greatly change traditional industries. It can be predicted that nanotechnology will bring great changes to the packaging and printing industries in the near future


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