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Nanomaterials accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries

"nanomaterials have been widely used in medicine, coating, electronics, optics, textiles, leather, national defense and other industries. Some promote the upgrading of drugs, some improve the performance of nucleating agents by 0.2~0.7, some remove heavy metals from water, and some are used in cutting-edge national defense fields. They have played an important role in boosting the continuous development of human society and improving the quality of life." At the 2012 academic annual meeting of Shaanxi nanotechnology Society held in Xi'an recently, Wang Minqiang, vice president of the society, said, Nano materials are being transformed to better meet the needs of Baotou's economic development with a depth of no less than 30cm. Many traditional industries are providing a mirror for the future supply side structural reform in more fields such as agriculture by reflecting on the gains and losses of the government and the market in the reform experiment...

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