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"Nano" plastic bearing blocks fill the gap

in the first ten days of January this year, xiangshuilongda transmission parts Co., Ltd., which spent 6.8 million yuan to buy nanotechnology, became the first batch of enterprises using nanotechnology to develop thermoplastic transmission parts at home and abroad. It has continuously received samples of bearing blocks from professional transmission parts companies such as Japan and the United States, asking to book "nano" plastic bearing blocks. Xiangshui Longda transmission parts Co., Ltd., which affects the quality of waterproof layer, is the largest bearing pedestal production base in China and enjoys a high reputation in the international market. In recent years, the market competition of transmission parts is very fierce. Facing the opportunities and challenges of the new century, Xiangshui Longda transmission parts Co., Ltd. organized scientific researchers to set up a research team, invested heavily, and used nanotechnology to develop and produce thermoplastic products. The commissioning of the project will fill the domestic gap and greatly improve the competitiveness of the company in the international market. The company has preliminarily planned to produce 200000 sets of thermoplastic bearing seats this year

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