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Excellent performance of nano plastics (Part 2)

2 Nano polyethylene terephthalate

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at present, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is mainly used in the fields of fiber, bottle and film, and its application in other fields accounts for only 1.6% of its total consumption. At present, the production capacity of non fiber pet in China is 649000 T/A, so the development of pet applications in other fields has become a hot spot in the industry. At present, there are three restrictive factors in the application of PET: 1. Poor melt strength; 2. The crystallization speed is slow; 3. The dimensional stability is poor, so it can not meet the needs of rapid injection molding in industry. In view of this, major companies in the world have invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in the development of rapid crystallization additives, developed various characteristic rapid crystallization additives, and launched their own commercialized PET engineering plastics products on this basis, mainly including Ge in the United States, BASF in Germany, Mitsubishi in Japan and other series of glass fiber/Mineral Reinforced PET engineering plastics. These products have high crystallization rate, but the nucleating agent added in the processing process is expensive, which has become a bottleneck restricting their large-scale application

at present, the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed polyethylene terephthalate/montmorillonite nano materials. In addition, they also developed enhanced flame-retardant nano polyethylene terephthalate, which has been tested by relevant national departments, and the performance indicators of this new nano polyethylene terephthalate have reached or exceeded those of PET engineering plastic products at home and abroad. The product has stable and reliable performance, and fully meets the technical conditions for mass production

3. UHMWPE/clay nanocomposites

UHMWPE has the properties of wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, self lubrication and impact resistance, which are accurate for the torque of the existing plastic pendulum; The material is the best, but due to its high viscosity, it is difficult to form and process. At present, the UHMWPE/clay nanocomposite developed by the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences solves the problem of UHMWPE in processing, and can continuously produce pipes and profiles by ordinary extrusion molding method

4. Polyethylene nano alloy series materials

polyethylene nano alloy series materials have excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and non-toxic properties. The products made of polyethylene nano alloy series materials are easy to transport, install and maintain, and have excellent seismic performance. The performance price ratio is better than that of iron pipe, aluminum pipe and aluminum plastic pipe. It is an ideal water supply pipe with various diameters, gas pipe, industrial liquid transmission pipe, river lake high and low temperature tensile testing machine. It is suitable for metal, plastic, rubber, textiles, synthetic chemicals, wires and cables, leather and other industries to dredge sludge discharge pipes Preparation materials for grain, fly ash and mineral sand transportation pipelines. Excellent comprehensive performance, widely used in related fields:

1. In the aviation field, the vast majority of plastic processing enterprises that can be used in aircraft are mainly domestic made equipment, and other parts of various switches, fuses, tuners, relays, connectors, seat brackets, instrument panels, integrated circuit boxes, air conditioners, etc

2. In the field of communication, it can be used as the wiring board, distribution board, connector, capacitor shell and various antenna sheaths of switching equipment

3. Be used as packaging materials for beer bottles, meat and cheese products in the food field

4. In other fields, it can be used as transformer skeleton, coil skeleton, high-performance pipe, temperature control switch parts, temperature control protector, electric iron handle, electric oven parts, radiator parts, energy-saving lamp holder, etc

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