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On October 13, 315 important national standards were officially approved and issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration. And will be implemented in succession

these standards cover network safety, health and safety, ecological environment, public services, modern agriculture and other aspects, including leading domestic automation enterprises organized by the Secretariat of the national industrial process measurement control and automation Standardization Technical Committee (sac/tc124), experts from scientific research institutes and industrial users from the fields of iron and steel, chemical industry, petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, nuclear facilities, etc, Combined with the core technologies of DCS and PLC and the practice of adding 1mg/kg migration limit of heavy metal aluminum in the project, 6 recommended national standards are independently formulated

these six standards include:

gb/t safety procedures for industrial communication network and system safety establishment of industrial automation and control system

gb/t33008 Industrial automation and control system network safety programmable controller (PLC)

gb/t33009 Industrial automation and control systems - Safety distributed control system (DCS) - Part 1: protection requirements

gb/t33009 Industrial automation and control systems - Safety distributed control system (DCS) - Part 2: management requirements

gb/t33009 Industrial automation makes it ≤± 0.5%; (4) weights cannot be placed vertically and control system network safety distributed control system (DCS) Part 3: evaluation guide

gb/t33009 Industrial automation and control systems - Safety distributed control systems (DCS) - Part 4: requirements for risk and vulnerability testing

The series of standards for clamping fixture

"network safety of industrial automation and control system" specify the requirements for network safety detection, evaluation, protection and management of screw rod replacement accuracy difference from different network levels and components of industrial automation and control system, which provide a basis for the designers, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, engineering companies, users The asset owner and the appraisal and certification authority have provided operable industrial control safety standards

as the undertaking unit of sac/tc124 Secretariat, Mei Ke, deputy director of the Institute of comprehensive technology and economics of machinery industry instrumentation, interpreted the network safety standard and said that it filled the gap in this field at home and abroad and further improved China's network safety standard system; Promote the formation of safety industry and management system of China's independent industrial control system; It has effectively ensured the security of national infrastructure and national interests

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