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Recently, at the ccbn2008 exhibition, relevant personages in the industry disclosed that the latest progress has been made in the selection of national standards for television, and the indoor and outdoor test results of all standards have been released; At the same time, T-MMB, one of the television standards participating in the selection of national standards, has passed the review of the State Intellectual Property Office and does not need to pay any patent fees to any foreign company or institution. This means that whether T-MMB is involved in patent fee disputes has come to an end

tmmb passed the patent acceptance

the patent is an important part of the TV standard. Previously, other standard parties said that "T-MMB is a Korean dressed in Chinese tunic. If the T-MMB standard is put into commercial use, it will pay high patent fees to foreign manufacturers". In this regard, relevant experts said that the new shoreline T-MMB system has recently passed the review of the State Intellectual Property Office, and the above statement is completely groundless

for this reason, when sina science and technology consulted Beijing new shoreline company, Zhang Ming, the relevant person in charge of the company, confirmed the matter and said, "we can be very responsible to say that T-MMB is completely independent intellectual property, and there is absolutely no need to pay any patent fees to any foreign company or institution for its implementation in China."

in response to the previous statement that T-MMB's intellectual property is a foreign technology, Zhang Ming said, "the State Intellectual Property Office has made a conclusion. If any individual, institution or media continue to spread rumors and slander about T-MMB's intellectual property, new shoreline will certainly reserve the right to resort to law"

at present, the patent status of other TV standards is not clear

all indoor and outdoor test results have been released.

for the selection of TV standards/mobile multimedia broadcasting national standards that have attracted much attention in the industry, relevant insiders confirmed that it is progressing smoothly, and all indoor and outdoor test results of various standards have been released

when sina science and technology inquired about the progress of the national standard selection from the National Standard Committee and the participating standard parties, all parties were reluctant to make more comments because of disciplinary provisions. One participant said that the market analysis on the application of new plastic materials for the technical indicators of each system in the national standard evaluation: it will reach 2 (3) in the year. It actively explores the new commercialization mode of energy storage, and the trillion test is very strict and serious, and it also pays high attention to the maturity of industrialization

new shoreline also said in an interview that as one of the providers of the national standard scheme for television, it has experienced an open selection and review in accordance with international norms, and the whole process is scientific, complete and rigorous. "Before the final result comes out, we have the same opportunities as other standard providers," said Zhang Ming

according to him, the test results of T-MMB are very satisfactory. "National tests show that our main performance indicators are better than DVB-H, one of the three major foreign mainstream standards, and are all better than DMB and DAB-IP." Earlier, on March 17, the European Union announced DVB-H as the television standard and asked Member States to urge operators to adopt this standard. However, many operators in Europe prefer DMB standards with higher industrial maturity

"T-MMB has excellent high-speed mobility, reaching an exciting maximum moving speed of 590km/h. in terms of spectral efficiency, T-MMB is better than DVB-H and twice the DMB standard. The power consumption of T-MMB chip is only 31.8mw, which is almost negligible when used. In addition, T-MMB has the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability, large system coverage and high receiving sensitivity," said Zhang Ming

experts said that the selection process strictly abides by the principle of fairness. It has been 10 months since the selection of national standards for TV/mobile multimedia broadcasting was restarted in may2007. It is reported that the total experimental force (n): 588 (60kg), 980 (100kg), 1471 (150kg). This time, the TV and mobile multimedia standards in broadcast mode are selected, mainly focusing on the channel system from transmission to reception. The participants include DMB-TH of Tsinghua University, T-MMB of new shoreline, immb of Huawei and cdmb of China bid winning Association. The TD-MBMS that 3G has determined to adopt is not within the scope of this review because it is a TV standard for communication. 10. Power supply of temperature control system: AC380V, 4.5kw. Compared with the communication mode, the biggest characteristic of broadcast TV is that it is not limited by the number of viewers and the user receiving and using cost is low

the selection of national standards for television involves a wide range of aspects, has great industrial significance, and has attracted the attention of all parties. In response to media reports that relevant departments have questioned the unfairness and unfairness of the national standard evaluation, relevant experts said that the national standard evaluation is a key measure for the development of major national industries, a reflection of the national will and interests, and has gone beyond departmental disputes. The review process of TV national standard strictly abides by the principle of "fairness, openness and impartiality", which reflects the scientificity and seriousness of national standard review

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