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The essential quality of green packaging designers

since the western industrial revolution brought the application of new energy, human productivity has developed rapidly. With the rapid development of the global economy and the acceleration of the process of human civilization, the ecological environment of the earth on which we live is worsening. If we continue to develop unchecked, the precious resources on the earth will be exploited and used up without restriction. As a commodity package widely used in daily life, it not only consumes huge resources in the production process, but also brings serious pollution. Therefore, many countries have begun to pay attention to resource protection. A green wave aiming at protecting the environment, resources and human health is rising all over the world. Packaging designers should improve their awareness of environmental protection and enhance their professional quality. In their work, they should adhere to green packaging design and be a green packaging designer

1 understand the connotation of green packaging

for packaging designers, they should consider whether the designed packaging can meet the needs of the market and whether it conforms to the provisions of various safety standards when designing products. Therefore, to be a green packaging designer, we must first understand what green packaging is, and then we can design green packaging products

green packaging, also known as environment-friendly packaging or ecological packaging, generally means that the packaging design can not only ensure the good performance of commodities, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection and resource regeneration. It requires that packaging products should be selected from raw materials, and the whole process of product manufacturing, use, recycling and waste treatment should comply with the requirements of ecological environment protection, including saving resources, energy, reduction, avoiding waste generation, easy recycling, recycling, incineration or degradation and other requirements of ecological environment protection. The world's industrial developed countries require that green packaging should comply with the "4r1d" principle: reduction of packaging design, reuse of packaging, recycling of materials, recovery of resource utilization, and degradation of packaging waste. In June this year, the first experiment was launched in the Dutch sea area. Be familiar with relevant environmental protection regulations. In the process of world economic integration, product packaging plays an increasingly important role in trade. Different countries and regions have different regulations and requirements for product packaging. Since the 1980s, European industrial developed countries have first advocated the gradual implementation of the "green mark" of product packaging in international trade to protect the environment and develop the green packaging industry. The packaging waste disposal law and other green regulations strictly prohibit the entry of packages that do not meet the environmental requirements. In 1991, the EU issued the packaging/Packaging Waste Directive. In June 1992, the United Nations clearly put forward the strategy of sustainable development in the Rio Declaration. In december1994, the EU issued directive 94/62/ec on packaging and packaging waste management, which stipulates that only packaging goods that meet the main provisions can be sold in the EU market from January 1, 1998. Since january1996, ISO has successively launched a series of international standards, such as "ISO14001 environmental system", "iso14014 environmental label" and "iso14026 life cycle assessment". In February2003, the EU issued the directive on banning the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, which imposes certain restrictions on six categories of hazardous substances in product packaging. At present, the packaging of many countries uses the green mark to show that the product packaging Anyang Social Science Association Research Group has conducted in-depth research on the city's steel production enterprises, steel processing and steel using enterprises, trading enterprises and steel market. From production to use, from consumption to final recycling, the selection of double indoor space and structural utilization of the constant stress pressure testing machine meet the requirements of environmental protection. A product package can only be allowed to enter the market of a country if it has obtained the environmental mark of that country. China also has strict control over the safety of packaging materials. In the mid-1990s, a series of activities were carried out to prohibit white pollution. On April 1, 2005, the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes was officially implemented. For packaging in various industries, the relevant general rules for the treatment and utilization of packaging wastes were issued. At the same time, a lot of promotion work has been done for green packaging materials and new production processes. With the guiding role of various institutions and the joint efforts of the packaging design and production industry, China's green packaging design specifications are becoming more and more perfect. In order to do a good job of green packaging design in packaging design, it is necessary to be familiar with relevant international and domestic environmental protection laws and regulations, so that the designed packaging products can comply with relevant regulations and requirements, and avoid affecting the sales of products due to packaging safety problems

3 to enhance their awareness of environmental protection

packaging has brought people a comfortable and convenient life in modern society, but the waste after packaging has been transformed into waste that affects human living environment. For packaging designers, to develop and design green packaging, they must first have a certain awareness of environmental protection and be able to clearly realize the importance and urgency of environmental protection. Only in this way can the concept of environmental protection be implemented in the design of packaging products. In the process of packaging design, the design concept of designers determines the attributes and characteristics of packaging products. In the process of seeking development, some designers unilaterally pursue the surface effect of packaging products to meet the needs of businesses, making the packaging market unilaterally pursue luxury and high-end forms. In order to meet the needs of their own sales, various businesses have adopted a large number of over packaged products, resulting in a large waste of resources, which has also exacerbated the difficulty of their waste recycling and caused the whole industry to form a bad cycle. We are the designers of packaging products, not the makers of garbage. In the design process of packaging products, we should establish a scientific and green design concept, so that packaging garbage and environmental problems can be best solved, and the design idea is to save resources. In the process of packaging product design, it is also necessary to be brave in exploring new design modes, and to run the goal of green packaging through the whole process of product design, production, packaging and sales, until the recycling of waste. It is necessary to design packaging products with the idea of environmental protection and energy conservation and enhance their own awareness of environmental protection, which is also the essential basic quality of all packaging designers

4 the principle of green packaging should be followed.

green packaging should comply with the "4 R 1 D" principle. As a packaging designer, whether to adhere to the basic principle of green packaging in the process of designing packaging products determines whether the designed packaging products are truly green packaging

in the design of packaging products, the selection of materials is very important, which not only determines the degree of environmental harm of the designed packaging products, but also determines the recyclability of their wastes. The green packaging design shall select materials with low energy consumption, low cost, recyclability, degradability and reuse. At present, the development of many new environmentally friendly packaging materials and their recycling and reuse technologies are valued by the market. There are a variety of recycled products. The development and utilization of new renewable resources also enable us to obtain more green packaging materials: corn, potatoes and other food crops have been added to the raw materials of packaging materials. Therefore, the work of packaging designers is not only to design the packaging of products, but also to master the market situation of packaging materials and the latest waste treatment process. At the beginning of design, they should consider the disposal of discarded packaging, and try to use a single packaging material as much as possible, so as to reduce the difficulty of production and recycling and improve the efficiency of material use, At the same time, it is necessary to avoid using toxic materials and materials that are difficult to treat and degrade to make packaging, so as to make packaging design materials green and environmentally friendly

the main purpose of packaging design is to make it have specific protection functions, so that the goods inside the packaging will not be damaged in transportation, storage, display, sales and other links. When designing packaging products, packaging designers should analyze the product requirements in detail from the perspective of function, so as to determine the most basic functional characteristics of the packaging and make its use purpose more reasonable. While realizing the function, it can produce a large deformation of up to several hundred percent under a certain stress condition, while consuming the least materials and energy as much as possible. At the same time, they should improve the life cycle of packaging and packaging materials to improve their use efficiency, Thus, the environmental pollution caused by the waste of packaging materials can be reduced. In the process of packaging design, we also need to understand the process of packaging production and processing, carry out reasonable design, maximize the utilization of materials, reduce the consumption of packaging materials, reduce production processes, increase product selling points and increase the safety performance of packaging through the transformation of structure and function

green packaging is the inevitable development of the packaging industry in the future, and the design and development of green packaging products is a major event benefiting the country and the people. As a packaging designer, we should clarify our own responsibilities, enhance our awareness of environmental protection, establish a green packaging design concept, follow the design principles of green packaging, give full play to our creative thinking ability, and make the packaging products with low energy consumption, high recycling, high safety and high convenience in the design of packaging materials, functions and structures, so as to do a good job in the design of green packaging

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