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The necessity of market development of environment-friendly PP packing belt

packing belt is a widely used consumable packing material, which can be divided into cored belt and solid core belt from the production of PP material quality; In terms of product quality, it can be divided into transparent class A, transparent class B, class A, AB, B, BC and C; According to the machines used, it can be divided into manual tape beating and machine tape beating (also divided into full automatic tape beating and semi automatic tape beating); From the scope of use, it can be divided into packaging belt and handicraft belt; There are also printing tape and non printing tape

the packing belt is made of PP, mainly because of its chemical and physical properties. The Chinese name of PP is polypropylene or propylene resin, and the English name is polypropylene resin. PP is a semi crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point. The Vicat softening temperature of PP is 150C. Due to the high crystallinity, the surface stiffness and scratch resistance of this material are very good. At the same time, PP has excellent formability and higher mechanical strength than PE. Polypropylene has good water resistance, drug resistance and electrical insulation

as PP is a subsidiary product of oil, the price will be greatly affected by the oil price. From the perspective of environmental protection, resources are limited, which requires all manufacturers to be able to recycle to save resources. The environment-friendly packing belt is not filled with any filling and impurities, and can be crushed and granulated after use; In general, many of our common low-cost packing belts now contain dozens of percent of fillers. To put it bluntly, they are full of garbage. This kind of packing belt has only a thin layer of PP material on the outside. However, more efforts have been made to develop aluminum materials for aviation, titanium materials for marine use, zirconium materials for nuclear power It can be imagined whether the support of the new generation of information technology functional materials and other high-end products can be recycled after they are used while giving full play to the function of bioplastic packaging materials, and how the recycling effect will be. Therefore, from the perspective of long-term and environmental protection, it is inevitable that the production and wide use of environmentally friendly high-grade packing belt will replace the cored belt (recycled belt) step by step

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