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The "natural beauty" of world art in graphic design is an important part of our national culture, which contains the psychological and spiritual quality of the nation and reflects the simple aesthetic concept. Folk art is created by the working people. It is closely related to people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. It directly reflects life mainly through the form of material state, meets people's aesthetic needs, and embodies the practical purpose of serving life and beautifying life. This will inevitably involve people's psychology, emotion, mode of thinking, national character and other aspects, and form a folk aesthetic culture with universal significance. It enriches the artistic language and ideological connotation of graphic design from many aspects, such as basic cultural characteristics, design ideas, rich implication, pure style and so on

I. The basic cultural characteristics of folk art enrich the national cultural connotation of graphic design

folk art exists relative to palace art, literati art and religious art. Although folk art comes from the folk, it provides nutrition for other arts and becomes one of the foundations of national culture. Therefore, folk culture including folk art is called the cradle of "mother culture" national culture and the root of national culture. It maintains the original state before the differentiation of material and spirit, and contains the traditional Chinese view of nature and way of thinking

the success of many modern graphic design works, especially the internationally recognized excellent design works representing Chinese style, is inseparable from the fact that they are based on their native land and absorb the nutrition of Chinese traditional art and folk art. It is gratifying that we have seen many designers who love local culture and carry forward national style. When looking for new design elements, they look here. The more national, the more world. They have successfully learned from and used the essence of folk culture to enrich their own design. They have not only achieved good results, but also shown the modernity of our national style to the people of the world. There are many examples of such models. For example, the Taiwan emblem of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV draws lessons from the traditional "happy meeting" graphic, reflecting a kind of solid cultural heritage; In addition, the Phoenix is opposite to each other, and its rotating wings are very dynamic, reflecting the beautiful implication of completeness, auspiciousness and prosperity. The logo of China Unicom simply adopts the pattern of "Pan Chang", one of the folk "eight praises" that its product quality has reached the technology and utilization level of the top similar products in Europe and America ", which endows the traditional graphics with modern significance. There are also many poster designs, printing designs, font designs, packaging designs, etc. in terms of overall style, local forms, or individual patterns, they have learned from and followed the ideas of traditional folk art, and given new ideas. They have achieved good results and have been recognized and loved by people all over the world

II. The creation of folk art has expanded the thinking and creativity of graphic design

the creation of folk art is free, and it is the true and natural expression of the people's emotions. Therefore, in terms of modeling, it is not limited to the reality of objective things, but a concentrated input of subjective imagination. The creation of auspicious animal and auspicious bird, the two lithium-ion battery production lines built by the company, fully demonstrates the unique imagination of folk artists. The experimental standards mentioned above refer to the image and creativity of ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS, etc. "Kylin", "dragon" and "phoenix" do not exist in the world, but in folk art, they are lifelike gods with both form and spirit, with visible body and color. In folk paper-cut, the creators boldly cut, exaggerate and orderly deal with the form of real objects, but still retain the spiritual outlook of the objects, making the form simple, simple and clear at a glance. Here, imagination and creativity completely get rid of the shackles of objective things, and fully express people's creative thinking through artistic language. Learning folk art can exercise the power of discovery, look at ordinary things with unusual ideas, train the ability to seek order from chaos, and train the ability to summarize and organize. The cultivation of this kind of creative thinking can make you think deeply, widely, reasonably and thoughtfully in the design, expand the mode of thinking, and enrich the connotation of graphic design

III. The pure and simple creative style in folk art provides a pure natural aesthetic feeling for graphic design

we advocate that graphic design should "return to nature", without any affectation, and seek a naive, simple, rough and natural realm. In the use of materials, folk art uses natural materials that can be found everywhere to "turn corruption into magic", does not make too much carving and decoration, maintains frank and simple production traces, and reveals simple and natural interests. The ingenious combination of subjective creative intention and the natural form of materials, "with true meaning, whitewash, less affectation, and don't show off". This kind of artistic temperament of returning to nature gives our graphic design natural beauty and infinite vitality. Graphic design must try to create a natural, simple and concise style to meet people's psychological desire. In this way, our design is a useful and humanized design. Folk art, as the crystallization of wisdom created by the working people in previous dynasties, has a strong flavor of life, a kind nostalgia and a simple and lively character, which will always give people mysterious temptation and endless profound enlightenment

folk art is one of the foundations of folk culture, the foundation of other art forms, and the art form closest to the people. Chinese graphic design is a part of national culture. It must be dependent on other cultures and must not cut off the relationship with other artistic levels. The dissipation of cultural characteristics is not a mechanical division and combination, but must interact with the whole cultural system. Therefore, Chinese modern design is not a copy of Western art design, nor is it a "new wine in old bottles", nor is it a simple patchwork of "Chinese decoration + western structure". It is an indivisible material culture of the whole national culture. It is not only a high-grade Chinese cultural connotation, but also a new style in line with the current trend of the world. For China's outstanding cultural heritage - folk art, our graphic design can draw essence from it, obtain design creative resources from it, and form our nation's unique artistic style and charm

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