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According to the data of China Glass futures, the market prices of Guangdong and Fujian in South China rose by up to 30% month on month in August, and the market prices of Hubei in Central China also rose by 25% month on month in August, much higher than those in East China and North China

the curtain of the nationwide rise of glass has opened.

at present, the market price in Shahe region has increased by about 300 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the year, the market price in Central China has increased by about 400 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the year, and the increase in southern China is as high as 500 yuan/ton, both of which have reached the best level in recent years. According to the data of China Glass futures, the market prices in Guangdong and Fujian in South China rose by up to 30% month on month in August, and the market prices in Hubei in Central China also rose by 25% month on month in August, much higher than those in East China and North China

in detail, the order of price rise in this round of glass market in peak season is slightly different from that in the past. According to the traditional peak season trend, the climate in northern China is cool and suitable, and the orders for real estate decoration are increasing, which leads to an increase in the procurement volume of glass processing enterprises. According to past experience, first of all, the northern region with increased demand will lead the price rise, and the southern market increment will cause the price to follow up. However, this year, the southern region rose rapidly, and the support in the northern region echoed it

institutions: focus on 3D glass

institutions believe that the price of glass will be worry free in the year. First, from the beginning to November, the industry is just in the peak season, and the demand is supported in the short term. From the historical data, the month is the price high point in the second half of the year; Second, from the perspective of supply, it is expected that the production capacity in the fourth quarter will be less, because it will take about one month for the kiln to resume production, and the off-season will come after November, so enterprises are unlikely to choose the off-season for production; Third, from the perspective of inventory, the inventory of manufacturers has continued to decline recently. At present, the inventory days are close to the boom peak in the second half of 2013, at a low level

Andersen Securities believes that 3D glass will be a major innovation direction of intelligent hardware in the future, especially the innovation of appearance and structure. Glass appearance parts have been applied in a variety of intelligent hardware. The space in the future is huge, and the space brought by complex structures is far greater than the current cover plate! It is expected to cooperate with wireless charging, optical sensors and other applications in the future. In addition, the elongation is not large. The glass cover plate is upgraded from the earliest 2D to 3D. It is expected that in the future, surface display will be widely used in intelligence. OLED is also a catalyst for the flagship to adopt 3D cover plate. At present, the unit price of curved glass is about three times that of traditional cover glass. When the intelligent growth rate drops sharply and is exposed to the air for a long time, the increase in the permeability of front 3D glass will bring significant growth to the industry

GF Securities said that curved glass is becoming a trend, and mainland enterprises are expected to continue to lead the cover plate processing industry. From the perspective of processing links, curved glass covers are more complex than traditional 2D glass covers, requiring CNC precision carving or even hot bending to achieve curved effect. Therefore, the yield is lower, but the value is also significantly improved. With the gradual popularization of curved glass, we believe that the domestic glass processing industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities and is expected to grow into more leading glass processing enterprises

the new three plate glass concept pays attention to these stocks

kangyao Electronics: the 3D curved glass project is progressing smoothly.

kangyao Electronics (831524) locates the flat panel display application field, develops 3D curved glass products, and lays out a new generation of touch screen market. At present, the company's products mainly include 3D curved glass film, TN and TP waste plastic particles 1. ITO conductive glass is in short supply. ITO conductive glass is the traditional business of the company, which is mainly used in various touch screen products such as car navigation, intelligent wearable devices, and display screens of air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances. With the upgrading of downstream display products, the company has actively developed new products such as 3D curved glass film, vehicle mounted semi reflective and semi transparent glass and AR antireflective glass. In 2016, the company will improve the 3D curved glass cover production line and lay out a new generation of touch screen application market

tuojie Technology: the first manufacturer of ultra-thin 3D bending tempered protective glass in China

tuojieke (836198) technology was established on September 28, 2011, focusing on chemical thinning of glass in touch screen fields such as liquid crystal display, multi-layer glass, and making every effort to build two industrial clusters of polyurethane materials and high-performance high molecular materials for chemical strengthening, ultra-thin 3D bending of glass and physical deep processing of high-precision glass

ruibida: a well-known manufacturer of 3C window glass processing

ruibida's main business is the design, development, production and sales of window protective glass, and its main products are window protective glass. Window protective glass is an important component of consumer electronic products, which is widely used in, tablet computers, notebook computers, desktop computers, digital cameras, players, GPS navigators, automotive instruments and other products. It can protect internal components, improve product aesthetics and add value

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