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National standard working conference on building sealant was held in Suzhou on the 16th

national standard working conference on building sealant was held in Suzhou on the 16th

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July 3, 2008

[China paint information] the invention of revolutionary new materials such as silicone structural sealant for insulating glass and building sealant for stone materials was held in Suzhou on June 16, 2008 The first working meeting of national standards for technological innovation leading the world. In 2007, the National Standards Committee issued the national standard plan of silicone structural sealant for insulating glass (Plan No. -q-609) and building sealant for stone (Plan No. -t-609), which were drafted by relevant units organized by Suzhou waterproof material research and Design Institute of China Chemical Building Materials Corporation

at the meeting, representatives from more than 20 units nationwide discussed the contents, test methods and test items of the standard. Silicone structural sealant for insulating glass is a two-layer sealant for insulating glass structural assembly. It is different from the silicone structural sealant for ordinary curtain wall assembly. First, it needs higher weather resistance and has appropriate extensibility in structural use. If the sealant has large deformation, it is easy to cause damage to a sealed butyl adhesive and lose its function. To this end, it is agreed that the tensile bond strength index of sealant retains the requirements of gb16776, but the requirements for weather resistance test are improved. The elongation requirements and reported modulus are deleted. The hardness and thermal aging indexes are adjusted according to the test, and the constant elongation and modulus requirements for low elongation are added to ensure that the product not only has certain elastic deformation capacity, but also has high modulus under low elongation, so as to ensure the integrity of a seal. The appendix specifies the compatibility test method and judgment of one layer of sealant and two layers of sealant, and the compatibility test method and judgment of one layer of sealant, two layers of sealant and weather resistant adhesive. At the same time, the three-sided bonding of sealant shall be tested and studied

the current industry standard jc/t883 of building sealant for stone has played a role in standardizing the stone sealant Market after all furnace rooms have been baked. However, with the implementation of gb/t method standard and the new sealant classification standard, it needs to be modified. At the same time, it is beautiful as a stone sealant. Sometimes the glue joint is narrow, and the displacement capacity of the sealant is required to be high, so a grade 50 product is required. The pollution test method in the original 883 standard does not have a strong correlation with the pollution caused by the long-term use of stone glue, and the test results can not truly reflect the engineering practice, so the test method needs to be improved

the next work plan was arranged at the meeting, and the composition of the standard drafting group was discussed. Relevant enterprises are required to immediately provide samples for validation test. 6-8 pieces of one component sealant and about 5kg of two-component sealant are sent to Suzhou Institute

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