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Wood brings people the feeling of natural affinity, which can not be replaced by any kind of building materials. Foreign countries believe that wood structure houses are most suitable for human habitation. After returning to earth from space, astronauts need to go to wooden houses or nursing homes to recover their physical fitness

health care efficacy of wood

visual efficacy: wood has beautiful texture, diverse color, and can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays harmful to human eyes. Therefore, it makes people visually comfortable and healthy

tactile effect: when people are in contact with wood, the temperature is similar in four seasons. When walking on the wood floor, it is soft, hard and elastic. Wood gives people a good touch

hearing effect: wood is a natural porous material with good sound absorption and sound insulation performance. Therefore, houses decorated with wood materials have small echo and good sound insulation effect, giving people a comfortable sense of silence

olfactory effect: a variety of woods often emit special and cheerful aromatic aroma, which is commonly known as "pytoncides". After tests, some of these gases can kill bacteria and insects, some can stimulate spirit, and some can calm nerves, producing health effects on human health

regulating effect: because wood has certain moisture absorption and dehumidification properties, after indoor decoration with dry wood, if the air humidity is too high, the wood will absorb part of the moisture from the air, otherwise, it will release the moisture, which will have a certain regulating effect on the indoor relative humidity and create a more comfortable environment for people. According to the measurement, the temperature in the houses built with wood is lower in summer and warmer in winter

wood and human health

wood brings people the feeling of natural affinity, which can not be replaced by any kind of building materials. Foreign countries believe that wood structure houses are most suitable for human habitation. After returning to earth from space, astronauts need to go to wooden houses or nursing homes to recover their physical fitness

the pythoncidere released by wood (a substance released by plants, which has antibacterial effect, can purify the air, reduce pollution, make breathing smooth, energetic, and achieve a sober effect) and negative ions (air vitamins) are hundreds of times higher than that of reinforced concrete. Fenduojing and anion can kill bacteria in the air, curb human diseases, enhance immunity, restore wakefulness, improve memory, reduce blood pressure, stabilize human autonomic nerves, and make people feel comfortable

moreover, the wood is rich in unique aroma, which provides a variety of health care effects for human health. Radon (radioactive inert gas, colorless and tasteless) is very harmful to human body. Scientists estimate that if you stay in a room with a radon concentration of 200 Baker/cubic meter for a day, it is equivalent to 15 cigarettes per person in the family every day. Radon mainly comes from inorganic building materials (such as concrete, bricks, tiles, sand, granite, marble, etc.) and underlying soil. Wood is a good shielding material for radon radiation. Most classrooms in primary and secondary schools in Japan use solid wood floors to protect the health of teenagers. Moreover, according to the survey of Japanese scholars, the average life span of residents of wooden houses is 9-11 years higher than that of residents of reinforced concrete houses

because solid wood has many excellent functions mentioned above, people feel warm, natural, peaceful and comfortable living in it. At present, wooden houses have become fashionable in Europe and America, and have gradually become popular in China

wood and the elderly

research shows that wood can give buildings a quiet, warm feeling like home; Wood can assist in treatment and rehabilitation, relieve people's pressure and improve their mood; Indoor wood has a positive effect on the behavior of the elderly. Researchers confirmed that long-term hospitalized patients need a quiet and relaxed environment; Moreover, wood has a positive impact on indoor air quality. Solid wood can keep the humidity of indoor air at the best level for patients, especially helping patients with allergies and asthma recover. Norwegian Forest Institute research shows that the room with windows on one wall and full wood on the other side of the four walls is the most harmonious ward for patients. Research results have confirmed that people have positive physiological and psychological reactions to indoor wood, and wood is also recognized as an auxiliary material for health and rehabilitation

why do Chinese people have solid wood plot

the development history of Chinese ancient architecture. Wood is the most frequently used material, which is the development history of Chinese wooden technology. Chinese ancient architecture takes wood structure as the main body, forming a unique style and practice, The "wood culture" with unique oriental charm has been formed "Architecture.

first of all, it is influenced by the ancient Chinese philosophy of advocating nature and respecting nature. The Chinese civilization stresses the close integration, coordination and order between man and nature, advocates nature and respects nature; in this dialogue and exchange between man and nature, the characteristics of wood are exactly consistent with the philosophical understanding of the ancients, so wood plays a decisive role in Chinese architecture and classical furniture, forming a unique The "wood culture" with oriental characteristics forms a sharp contrast with the "stone culture" that conquers nature in the West

secondly, it is because Chinese people attach great importance to geomancy. In the traditional layout of wooden buildings, Chinese people attach great importance to geomancy. Houses surrounded by mountains are considered as good houses in geomancy, among which houses located in the "surrounded by mountains" are the best. In geomancy, it is believed that such houses can avoid evil and Nourish Qi. The "mountain" around the house should not only be shaded by trees, but also pay attention to the situation of the "mountain", so the trees growing on the mountain naturally become the first choice of building materials. The woodmaster is germinal in spring. Its unique natural characteristics can be harmonious with the environment, and the style of taking wood as the main body of the building has formed a tradition

finally, it is influenced by the theory of five elements in Chinese traditional culture. Chinese ancients have always attached importance to the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches and the Yin and Yang five elements. In the traditional five element theory, "wood" represents the white East and represents endless life. Therefore, the ancients believed that trees were the channel of communication between heaven and earth, and the way for people to communicate with "heaven" and express their wishes. Therefore, the ancients planted trees for forests, harvested wood, built houses, made furniture, and carved pieces of natural "wood". Every detail of life is closely related to "wood". Modern society has a more scientific understanding of the advantages and efficacy of wood from the perspective of wood science, coupled with the continuous inheritance and development of Chinese classical culture; It can be said that Chinese people have a thousand year relationship with "wood", and Chinese people are happy in wood





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