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Open a brand ceramic tile franchise store, which domestic ceramic tile brand is worth recommending

in recent years, the rapid development of the real estate industry has led to a great development in the production and consumption of ceramic tiles in China. Because domestic ceramic tile products have many varieties, large quantities, good quality, complete high, medium and low-grade products, large options and appropriate prices, many countries and regions are very fond of Chinese ceramic tile products, and the proportion of Chinese ceramic tiles in the international market is expanding. This makes many people want to do the business of ceramic tile agent. So, which ceramic tile brand in China is worth recommending to open a brand ceramic tile franchise store

open a brand ceramic tile franchise store, which domestic ceramic tile brand is worth recommending? Foshan Loulan household products Co., Ltd. is a very good choice. Loulan is one of the top ten brands of antique tiles, a famous ceramic brand, a leading manufacturer of porcelain glaze antique tiles in China, and one of the early enterprises engaged in the production of high-end porcelain glaze tiles in China

Loulan ceramics, as a local brand of the "capital of ceramics", after 25 years of precipitation, has stood out among many high-quality ceramic tile manufacturers and become one of the first-line major brands in China. Loulan now has several independent ceramic tile brands: Loulan ceramics, Kiki ceramics, Macchiato ceramics, hasky ceramics, etc. There are more than 3000 kinds of products with various styles, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign

open a brand ceramic tile franchise store, which domestic ceramic tile brand is worth recommending? Loulan ceramics not only has good product quality, but also has many preferential support policies for franchisees. It is the ceramic tile manufacturer that should be selected for the franchise agent and wholesale of ceramic tiles. Agent franchisees do not need to press goods, and can sell with samples; Loulan will also use the advantages of Taobao, tmall and to help franchisees' entities introduce customer traffic; Crowdfunding + consignment + supply chain finance, as long as you participate in crowdfunding, you will get as low as 20% off the purchase price. Franchisees can also place products on our platform for consignment, so that franchisees can earn 10% more profits. Supply chain finance can solve the problem of capital turnover for franchisees; The factory direct selling meeting is a big store trading platform to help franchisees solve difficult customer transactions; The direct selling meeting has a complete range of products to realize one-stop home purchase; Franchisees only invite customers to big stores, and professional shopping guides help you easily deal with difficult customers, so that you can earn extra income; In addition, Loulan ceramics has more franchise support policies. If you want to know more, please call 13242103182





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