Kunming Kefan grand opening consumers throw 900000

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On April 29, the flagship store of Kunming Panlong customized by Kefan was grandly opened, with continuous on-site activities and surprises. There are 60 orders in the current day, and the collection is 900000

Kefan customized Kunming Panlong flagship store, located on the 2nd floor of building materials Museum of Desheng home furnishing Expo store, Bailong Road, Panlong District

rush buying boom

comfortable decoration, exquisite product display and warm activity atmosphere in the store create a more comfortable consumption experience for consumers. Under the guidance of the marketing team of Kefan headquarters, the audience entered the store to visit and buy, sign on the spot, and the long prepared new series and value-added packages attracted a rush buying boom as soon as they were launched

during the opening activities, it also caused a great sensation in the local area, and explorers came one after another. The endless stream of guests made the store particularly lively, and the hot business atmosphere made the on-site staff happy

Kunming Panlong Kefan customization team

since its establishment in 2006, Kefan has always been loved by many consumers with its extraordinary design and quality focused attitude. With the strength of smart manufacturing and the steady development of the network layout of national marketing, Kefan has become the overall top ten brands in the customized home furnishing industry

the profit guarantee of joining cannot be separated from the brand support of the enterprise. We should strive for survival with quality and development with innovation! Kefan customization wins in the market with quality and brand, and has won the trust of many dealers and consumers! Decision making is the future, and joining is the last word. Congratulations to Kunming Panlong Kefan for its booming customization performance





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