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Why should we hire a home decoration supervisor for home decoration? There are the following reasons:

the first reason is that home decoration owners can protect the interests and legitimate rights and interests of home decoration consumers by inviting home decoration supervisors. The interests of home decoration consumers are reflected in home decoration, which is to obtain reasonable prices, home decoration materials that meet the quality requirements, decoration quality that meets the requirements of home decoration industry standards, and thoughtful and enthusiastic high-quality services. These four aspects are beyond the reach of some home decoration companies. If he wants to make high profits, he has to pay a large amount of advertising fees, and if he wants to feed the team and the construction personnel, he needs a large amount of expenses. Therefore, The decoration price remains high, the quality of decoration materials cannot be guaranteed, and the construction project cannot keep improving. To correct these problems, we need professional home decoration supervisors to help the owner check, help the owner limit the price, agree on decoration materials, inspect the material quality, and supervise the construction quality

the second reason is that the home decoration owner is a layman and does not understand the decoration profession. He should hire a home decoration supervisor. Many home improvement owners who come to the consumers' Association to complain mostly know a little about home improvement, and some don't even know the basic common sense of home improvement. This is easier to be exploited by those home decoration companies whose interests are obsessed with. Some home decoration companies often deceive customers who do not understand home decoration and decoration, and it is difficult for professionals who really understand decoration to deceive them. Therefore, please advise those users who don't know much about decoration to ask the home decoration supervisor in advance. Among the 4000 people entrusted with supervision, 60% asked for supervision because they didn't understand decoration

the third reason is that home decoration owners are too busy to consider decoration, and they should also ask decoration supervisors. A considerable part of the complaints about the owners are that they are double employees, busy with work, or some long-term business trips, resident in other places, and have no time to take into account the decoration at home, so there are a series of quality disputes, such as concealed works, ceiling works, strong surface coatings, and joinery works. If you don't have two or three idle people " Supervisor "e;, Without the ability to check the construction quality, the Consumer Association advises these owners to invite the decoration supervisor to be your " Supervisor "e;, Become your home decoration " Patron saint "e;, With supervisors, you will not affect your normal work, nor will you affect your business trip or travel. The most important benefit of inviting supervisors is to reduce consumption risks and reduce home decoration disputes

the fourth reason is that if the home decoration owner wants to save worry, trouble and ease the home decoration, he should also ask the decoration supervisor. Many home improvement owners report that they are not idle at home, nor do they know nothing about decoration common sense, but they feel that home improvement is too tired, too worried, too troublesome, too laborious, so they go to the decoration supervisor for help. According to the statistics of the news center of million home improvement supervision company, among more than 4000 home improvement owners, one third of the owners go to the supervisor because they don't want to worry and work hard. How can the decoration supervisor make users worry and save trouble? Mr. xuguozhong, President of million homes supervision company, said that the supervision company helped the owner review the decoration company to prevent irregular enterprises and illegal guerrillas from participating in the decoration. The supervision company helped the owner review the design scheme and decoration quotation to prevent overestimation, calculation and loss. The supervision company helped the owner agree on the brand, grade, specification, origin, purchase scope and inspection of material quality of decoration materials, Help the owner check and accept the project quality in stages, so the owner can easily carry out decoration

the fifth reason is that home decoration owners should hire decoration supervisors if they want to save money. Some owners try to save money, instead of going to the supervisor, they go to the roadside illegal guerrillas, resulting in unqualified decoration quality, and even criminal cases such as theft and beating. The Consumer Association advises owners who want to save money on decoration that the best measure is to hire supervisors. Why can they save money by paying for supervisors? Mr. Xie hengzeng, the director of million homes supervision company, said: this kind of money saving is in terms of breadth. Specifically, the supervisor helps users sign formal, reasonable and standardized decoration contracts to prevent the home decoration company from cheating the owner and preventing the owner from spending money unjustly, which in itself is a kind of money saving; The supervisor helps the owner to review the decoration scheme and quotation, prevent overestimation and rash calculation and unlimited price increase in the medium term, and enable the user to pay a reasonable decoration price, which is also a kind of money saving; The supervision company helps the owner inspect the decoration materials to prevent fake and inferior materials from entering the construction site, so that the user can decorate the real goods with value for money, spend the same money without fake materials, and use real materials. Of course, using real talents and materials is also a measure to save money; In addition, the supervision company helps the owner to check and accept the decoration quality, so that the owner can finish the decoration in place and succeed at one time, reduce disputes, reduce troubles, and reduce the owner's multiple expenses, which is a manifestation of saving money




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