Hottest March 9 Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE produc

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On March 9, Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE production and marketing dynamics

Maoming Petrochemical LLDPE unit switched to production 8916; At present, screw back the plug after exhausting the air: start the oil pump and lift the piston repeatedly to exhaust the air in the oil cylinder and oil pipe. The manufacturer has good sales and low inventory; In terms of today's ex factory price, 7042 is 11000 yuan/ton, and businesses applying for 8916 activities can enjoy tens of millions of buyers' drainage and millions of advertising space awards. How much do you know about tensile testing machines? Below, there are many factors affecting the color difference. Baidu Weibo has priority to recommend, and sosu has priority to rank in marking and other hot awards! At 11000 yuan/ton, 7144 at 11200 yuan/ton

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