There will be a big cake in the hottest shared agr

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There will be a big cake in the "shared agricultural machinery" market

many people think that agricultural machinery is only used during harvest, but it is not. Agricultural machinery is indispensable for seedling raising, cultivation, field management, harvesting, drying, processing, and a series of pre -, mid -, and post natal services. It is hard to imagine how farmers today can farm without agricultural machinery. Because the vast number of farmers' demand for agricultural machinery has never been so urgent as today, and the dependence of high-yield grain crops on bolt clamp agricultural machinery has never been so obvious as today

farmers need agricultural machinery, but farmers do not have to buy agricultural machinery. With the development of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in our city, more and more farmers rely on "sharing agricultural machinery" to farm. On the one hand, "sharing agricultural machinery" solves the problems of aging agricultural producers and seasonal labor shortage in agricultural production; On the other hand, "sharing agricultural machinery" solves the problem of farmers' own "machine maintenance". In addition, large-scale and intensive development is the general trend of modern agricultural development, "sharing agricultural machinery" has accelerated this development in today's social trend

we often say that professional things should be done by professional people. It is obviously unnecessary and unnecessary for farmers who have been engaged in agricultural production for many years to learn agricultural machinery knowledge again and master the essentials of operation. By giving it to professional agricultural machinery cooperatives, farmers can not only free themselves from heavy physical labor and improve labor productivity, but also put more energy into agricultural production and management

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agricultural mechanization is the fundamental embodiment of agricultural productivity and social progress. At present, we should guide and support agricultural machinery cooperatives to become stronger and bigger, so as to turn "small sampans" into "large fleets". At the same time, promote the overall improvement of the level of agricultural mechanization, improve the socialized service system of agricultural machinery, so that farmers can truly benefit

I believe that there will be a big cake in the "shared agricultural machinery" market

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