Three breakthroughs of the new environmental prote

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Look at the three breakthroughs of the new "environmental protection law"

the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress uses the optical projection method to compare the V-shaped and U-shaped notch of the tested impact specimen with the standard template drawing. The revised "environmental protection law" was reviewed and approved at the eighth meeting on April 24. On the 27th, Pan Yue, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said in an interview with this newspaper that the newly revised "environmental protection law" has implemented the requirements of the central government on promoting the construction of ecological civilization, condensed and absorbed the consensus of all parties to the greatest extent, and is the most powerful "environmental protection law" at this stage. It reflects the new requirements of ecological civilization construction and the new direction of modern environmental governance system innovation

Pan Yue said that the newly revised environmental protection law has made breakthroughs in the following three important areas

breakthrough 1: promote the establishment of a green development model in line with environmental carrying capacity

the decision of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee requires the establishment of a monitoring and early warning mechanism for resource and environmental carrying capacity, and implement restrictive measures for overloaded areas such as environmental capacity; We will implement the departure audit of natural resources assets for leading cadres and establish a lifelong accountability system for ecological environmental damage

Pan Yue said that the new "environmental protection law" requires the establishment of a monitoring and early warning mechanism for the carrying capacity of resources and the environment, the implementation of an environmental protection objective system and an assessment and evaluation system, the formulation of economic policies should fully consider the impact on the environment, the implementation of environmental assessment restrictions for areas that have not achieved the environmental quality objectives, and the gradual improvement of environmental quality. These regulations will become an important basis for the implementation of green people, so as to transfer heat to cutting tools for economic accounting, establish a development model based on environmental carrying capacity, and promote the green transformation of China's economy

Breakthrough 2: promote the modern environmental governance system of pluralism and co governance. Pan Yue pointed out that to promote the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity, we must recognize that basic environmental quality is a public product, and the government must ensure environmental public services. The new "environmental protection law" has taken new steps in promoting the modernization of environmental governance. It changes the traditional way of storing the same amount of electricity as the traditional battery, which mainly relied on the government and departments to fight alone in the past, and embodies the modern environmental governance concept of multi governance and social participation. Among them, governments at all levels are responsible for environmental quality, enterprises bear the main body, citizens report violations, social organizations participate in accordance with the law, and the media supervise by public opinion

the new "environmental protection law" stipulates that the state establishes a cross regional joint prevention and control coordination mechanism, delimits the ecological protection red line, improves the ecological protection compensation system, and the state organs give priority to green procurement; The state establishes the system of environment and public health; The State implements a total amount control and pollutant discharge permit management system

the new environmental protection law stipulates that citizens have the right to know, participate and supervise the environment, encourages and protects citizens to report environmental violations, and expands the scope of social organizations that file environmental public interest litigation

breakthrough 3: it has increased the

environmental protection supervision authority of the administrative supervision department, which is a double-edged sword. Panyue believes that the new environmental protection law, on the one hand, grants many new regulatory powers to governments at all levels and environmental protection departments. On the other hand, it also stipulates strict administrative accountability measures for environmental protection departments themselves

Pan Yue said that China is at a critical stage of comprehensively deepening reform before its goal (return to its original position). The most important thing is to resolutely implement this new law and play its role in China's green economic transformation. First, environmental protection departments at all levels should accurately understand and familiarize themselves with the new law as soon as possible; The second is to guide enterprises and the public to adapt and apply the new law through extensive publicity and training. After the formal implementation of the new law on January 1st, 2015, law enforcement should be strengthened. No matter how good the law is, it can only play its due role through strict implementation. Environmental protection departments should strive to promote the effective implementation of the new law

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