Control method of overprint accuracy in the hottes

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Control method of color printing overprint accuracy

in view of the factors affecting overprint accuracy, corresponding control methods are adopted to achieve the purpose of overprint accuracy

1. For the baking treatment of the printing plate, the temperature in the oven must be uniform, so that the plate is evenly heated, the temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long. For short version or products requiring high precision, it is best not to bake the version

be sure to operate in a standard way when checking the version. The position of the plate clamp is in the middle, the printing plate is aligned, and the plate clamp screws are fastened. When pulling, the jacking screw should be loose. As long as the force is moderate, the deformation of the printing plate will generally be avoided

2. The center distance of the drum shall be measured strictly according to the standard, and the axis lines of the drum must be level with each other, and the lining calculation must be accurate. After putting on the lining, do a pressure test and return to the oil tank. Generally, screen printing, map drawing, pressure bar, etc. are used to ensure that the pressure is flat to meet the requirements of printing accuracy

3. It is difficult to solve the influence of paper on overprint accuracy, and there are many related factors. In order to improve the printability of paper and enhance its stability, the temperature and humidity of the printing environment should be kept relatively constant as far as possible. At the same time, according to the lag effect of paper, do a good job in the pre press processing of paper

the usual method is hanging and airing. By hanging and airing, the water content of the paper is relatively balanced with the air humidity, which can reduce the sensitivity of the paper to the environment

for the printing pieces requiring high accuracy, the method of empty printing the paper with water first can also be used to make the paper fully absorb water and press, so that the paper deforms before overprint. This has a good effect on angle swing and expansion, but the cost is high

4. The printing process requires that the pollution control of motor vehicles should be strengthened at the same time, and the minimum water should be used under the condition of ensuring that the plate does not dry

5. Mechanical overprint is not accurate, mainly due to regular parts and teeth. The requirements of the ground front gauge are: correctly adjust the high and low position according to the thickness of the paper, and the connecting line of the paper stop point of the front gauge is parallel to the axis of the drum; The requirement for the pull gauge is that in the ordinary protection, attention should be paid to many places in order to make the service life of the Russian cooperator of the instrument driven heavy helicopter longer: the pull paper is reliable, the tension is moderate, and the baffle board is perpendicular to the axis of the drum

the paper separation and feeding parts shall ensure the straight-line operation of the paper. The gripping force of each gripping tooth should be uniform, and the opening and closing time should be accurate. When the two teeth hand over the paper, there should be enough gripping time to ensure the effective control of the paper. In addition, each roller and tooth shaft should ensure that there is no movement

meeting the above requirements can generally improve the overprint accuracy and achieve the control purpose

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