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Control and prevention measures for dangerous points of the project

serial number after danger, consumers should verify whether the furniture is a solid point prevention measures

component transportation and sliding -- reasonably select transportation vehicles, and bind up the loading and stacking

foundation pit slope -- landslide and collapse slope 1:3, timely drainage after foundation pit excavation, and stacking on the slope top is strictly prohibited

the iron wire of the scaffold is loose -- the scaffold is bound with 18 # iron wire at four points

the foundation ditch and the reserved hole on the floor -- sealed firmly with the scaffold

column reinforcement toppling -- set up a workbench above 4m of column reinforcement; When it is more than 4 meters, tie it on the floor first. And then erect it as a whole

slip on the formwork -- the formwork shall be applied with appropriate amount of oil, and the formwork shall be cleaned in time

arc welding burns people to meet the measurement requirements of different experimental loads. The welding ground wire should be in good contact with reinforcement and embedded parts to prevent burns due to arcing

electric shock injury -- non electricians are not allowed to touch the power supply

fall from height - wear safety belt and have work permit for high-altitude operation

falling objects from high altitude - two red and white railings are set on both sides of the outer frame, which are closed safely with dense eyes

distribution box and switch box -- set according to the drum stripping experiment of one machine, one brake, one leakage and one box

hammer release -- engrave teeth on the handle

tower crane operation - set superelevation, side width, travel limit torque limiter, the safety factor of lifting appliance must be greater than 6, and set hook safety device

foundation positioning elevation control -- positioning is controlled by total station according to measurement 2 Retest the display failure, measure and set the elevation back and forth according to the elevation control, and strengthen the technical review of the construction process

the positioning of the embedded parts is accurate - the embedded parts are welded and fixed by the reinforcement support, and the construction process is strictly reviewed

safety protection -- implement open fire approval and monitoring system

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