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the master's artistic complex is perfectly realized here. The hostess's grand piano stands quietly in front of the French window, and she can improvise when inspiration comes. The art paintings collected by the male host have also become the highlight of the living room space. The style of the living room is based on modern art, and a large area of space is decorated with vibrant colors and patterns to be full and interesting. The grand piano is placed in a corner of the room to form the visual center. The 1+1+3 sofa layout forms a warm hospitality atmosphere. Add a small side table next to the sofa, which is convenient for guests to take tea and food, without taking up too much space

decorative points:

1 Take the decor curtains as the keynote. Add fancy bold accessories to continue your design theme, and add small pattern embellishments under the monochrome background, such as the daisy pattern on the armchair. And use the carpet to echo the theme pattern and tone, throughout the overall space

2. Inject color into the room. White is good, but white walls will make the room look less. Therefore, to paint the wall, it can be any color on the fabric, carpet and accessories

3. Mix and match materials skillfully. The combination of glass table lamp and wooden table, or resin coffee table and cloth sofa, not only enriches the visual level, but also adds an artistic atmosphere

living room plan: efficient and simple storage

living room and audio-visual room. Usually, friends often gather here. When there are many people, they need a lot of comfortable seats. When friends are away, they have to pack up a lot of CDs and cushions

proposal recommendation:

the blue wall makes the space extensible, and it won't feel crowded even when there are many people. A row of low cabinets opposite the sofa are usually storage cabinets. When friends come, putting soft cushions of various colors is a comfortable seat, which can accommodate more friends. Sliding doors are designed on both sides of the TV background wall, which can make the room look more tidy on weekdays. The embellishment of the red background wall injects vitality into the space and is full of the sweet atmosphere of newlyweds. Combined with the characteristics of the house type, a traditional sofa area is set on the side near the wall, and a storage cabinet is built on the side near the window to echo with the TV cabinet. The cabinet must be solid and can withstand long-term pressure




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