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Photo of the luxurious decoration of the office building of Harbin sixth pharmaceutical factory domestic and international - Domestic News - information life

on September 7, a citizen passed by the street in front of the office building of Harbin sixth pharmaceutical factory. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Jianwei photo

Xinhuanet, Harbin, September 7 (reporter Qiang Yong of "China Internet Affairs") a news about "no wonder the netizens of the Royal Palace of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory luxury match sigh that the medicine is expensive" has been reprinted hotly on major websites and forums recently, and has been commented by netizens more than 18000 times in more than two days. Is the main building of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory more luxurious than the palace? What is the original intention of such decoration of a pharmaceutical factory? In order to solve many mysteries, the reporter of Xinhua News Agency "China Internet Affairs" launched a follow-up investigation

the cause of the incident was that the sixth pharmaceutical factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group published a group of internal environmental photos on its official website a few days ago. The photos show the extremely luxurious architecture and decoration of its main building: the appearance is the architectural style of the palace of Versailles in France, while the internal corridor is full of solid wood carvings and inlaid with gold foil. Every angel is vivid and has different shapes. This group of photos immediately spread through the Internet

netizen "Li Xiaomeng" said on his microblog: "the first reaction is that Harbin Pharmaceutical six is a state-owned holding enterprise. According to the data of the Ministry of finance, state-owned enterprises achieved a total profit of nearly 2trillion yuan in 2010, and only took out about 5% to pay 'dividends'. It is said that state-owned enterprises are state-owned enterprises of the people. People should know where state-owned enterprises are used. Is this' Palace' popular with the people?"

on September 5, a message about this group of photos, "no wonder netizens in the Royal Palace of the luxury race of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 plant sigh that medicine is expensive" once again pushed Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 plant to the forefront of the storm. As of about 12 noon on the 7th, netizens had made more than 18000 comments. The statement of netizen "boboli1973" is very representative among many netizens: "when a considerable number of people can't afford to see a disease or take medicine, these state-owned enterprises spend money on decorating their luxurious office rooms, which makes people think deeply: what's the matter with our supervision department? What's hidden behind the luxurious decoration? How much is the decoration cost lost?"

on the morning of the 7th, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency "China Internet Affairs" came to the office building of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory, which was hotly fried online, to conduct a field investigation. According to Changlu Chuanyou, the sixth pharmaceutical factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, the main building of the pharmaceutical factory was built in 2004 in a European style, with a total of 6 floors. At that time, more than 93 million yuan was invested in building and decoration. Among them, floors 1-3 are office areas, and floors 4-6 are print museums

on the third floor, the reporter saw that many technicians were working in an ordinary office environment with pure white walls and terrazzo floors. Above the third floor, the style began to change to European style. The corridor was hung with European retro style chandeliers, and oil paintings were hung on both sides. The prominent wooden patterns on the wall were painted with copper powder, and the whole decoration was mainly golden

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