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Due to the cold winter weather and convenient use, the electric water heater has become one of the necessary appliances for many families. In fact, it can be used not only in cold winter, but also at any time. It is common for people to use hot water in life, but not all users know how to use electric water heaters, and there are still some misunderstandings in the use and purchase of domestic water heaters:

myth 1: buying a water heater is only for bathing

in fact, hot water should become the protagonist of domestic water, not only for bathing, but also for washing vegetables, dishes, washing clothes, mopping the floor, car washing, etc. Home appliance after-sales experts said that it is inconvenient to lay hot water pipes between kitchens and bathrooms in many families. An integrated water heater can be installed in kitchens or bathrooms, because an integrated water heater can be used for hot water in the whole house

Myth 2: hot water is only needed for bathing in winter

in fact, the water temperature of bathing should be higher than the temperature of human body in order to open the pores and clean the skin. Washing with cold water will only shrink the pores and fail to achieve the cleaning effect. In addition, after bathing with hot water in summer, the whole body feels very cool, and washing with cold water will only make people feel cool when bathing, but it is still very hot after a few minutes. Cold water bath has the effect of strengthening physique, and hot water bath can play the effect of cleaning the body

myth 3: using hot water costs more than using cold water

from the perspective of cleaning and sterilization effect, twice the hot water is worth five times the cold water, but it saves water and promotes health better. In developed countries, the proportion of cold and hot water reaches 1:9, and 90% of residents' domestic water is hot water

myth 4: use hot water to heat it now

traditional water heaters will encounter such problems. Integrated water heaters have the advantages and characteristics of fast heating speed, abundant hot water, constant temperature and so on. They have timed automatic heating, so that you can wash every day when you want to, so as to ensure that hot water is available at any time, and there is no need to wait

myth 5: water heaters should be installed on the wall, which has become a dangerous thing

at present, most people think that water heaters can only be installed on the wall, either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. However, in recent years, incidents of water heater falling and injuring people have occurred frequently, which makes people fear when choosing to install wall mounted water heaters. In fact, the water heater can also not be hung on the wall. The integrated water heater is an innovative product that comprehensively uses thermal dynamics, ergonomics, electrics, etc. and scientifically integrates the water heater with the bathroom cabinet. It integrates five functions: shower, hot water for washing, dresser, locker and washbasin, and creatively solves the three major problems that the wall of the traditional electric water heater is easy to fall, unsightly and occupy space

myth 6: the water heater is unchanging and cannot be matched with decoration.

gas water heater and wall mounted electric water heater really can't meet most of the decoration styles. The color and installation position are relatively harsh, leading to consumers' passive acceptance. However, at present, OBID integrated water heaters have more than 20 styles, 95% of which match the domestic decoration style. With no wall installation, the bathroom design can only consider the water heater last, and the separation of dry and wet can be easily handled

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