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In China, everyone must know some classical furniture, and even some people have classical furniture, but this probability is very small, and classical furniture mainly refers to those with certain collection value. This period is the peak of Chinese traditional furniture production. There are also imitation Ming and Qing style furniture. Modern skilled workers produce Chinese classical furniture by inheriting the manufacturing process of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Next, we will explain in detail about the appreciation and analysis of Chinese classical furniture and the relevant contents of the characteristics of Chinese classical furniture

appreciation and analysis of Chinese classical furniture

1. When some stone tools were used in the stone age, some stones were generally used to pile it into the most primitive prototype of furniture, and it can be seen from historical documents. Furniture was invented in China long before the Yin and Shang Dynasties. It was “ Zu ”, The basic image of furniture shows that quite exquisite furniture has appeared in the slave society. In the spring and Autumn period before 770 BC, people's living habits were still sitting on the ground, and furniture had appeared, such as clothes hangers, etc. the emergence of Luban reflected the further development of civil construction and wood furniture processing technology in this period

2. Then our Chinese furniture ended in the Qing Dynasty. Because the classical furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties has reached an increasingly perfect level, it pushed the Chinese classical furniture to the peak. Furniture style is evolved from architectural form, which is the case in all countries in the world. Since the history of Chinese architecture, wood has been used as beams and columns as backbones. Therefore, furniture is also formed with the building. The characteristics of Chinese furniture are highly perfect and unified in terms of material selection, performance, modeling, structure, three-dimensional outline, carving decoration, texture and color. The whole set of mahogany furniture is made without a nail and a drop of glue. It is completely carved by the craftsman by hand, and the tenon joint is seamless

characteristics of Chinese classical furniture

1. First of all, in terms of the design structure of Chinese classical furniture, it mainly combines modern science and excellent design, and the most typical connection method of Chinese classical furniture is the tenon and mortise structure, which is very scientific. Many furniture hardly use an iron nail, and its structure is less affected by air humidity. At the connection between components with large span, tooth plates, tooth bars, ring openings, coupon openings, short old, bawangcheng, luoguocheng, clip flowers, etc. are often inlaid, which are both beautiful and strengthen the firmness

2. In fact, our Chinese classical furniture also has a relatively strict way of selecting materials. Generally speaking, we choose according to the original texture characteristics of the furniture to excavate the natural beauty of the wood itself. When craftsmen use these materials to make furniture, they often do not carry out covering surface finishing, but use waxing, oil cleaning and other methods to fully show the texture and tone of the wood itself. The strict proportion relationship is the basis of the modeling of Chinese classical furniture. The proportion of part and whole, and the morphological relationship between pattern and structure of typical Chinese furniture are extremely symmetrical and coordinated

3. After thousands of years of continuous development of Chinese classical furniture, for some Chinese furniture technicians, most of them have accumulated very rich decorative experience, and the decorative techniques have also reached a very high level. In terms of decorative techniques, inlay, inlay, carving, carving and description are omnipotent. However, on a specific piece of furniture, it is never free to stack or make ostentatious decoration because of the diversity of materials and techniques, but the partial decoration is subject to the whole, so as to foil the concise beauty of the whole and make it icing on the cake

the above analysis on the appreciation of Chinese classical furniture and the relevant contents of the characteristics of Chinese classical furniture are introduced here. I hope these are helpful to you. If there is still something you don't understand, you can follow more news. If you want to know more about this, please keep following our website




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