Five precautions for indoor completion acceptance

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1. Check and accept in order to maintain rights and interests

it is best to check and accept in order. For the completion acceptance, the key is to check and accept the "surface" project and the "lining" increase and decrease items in the decoration

first let the supervisor of the decoration company do the pre inspection, and then the owner reviews whether the project is completed one by one according to the provisions of the contract project, and then carry out the acceptance according to the order of the contract budget to avoid mistakes and omissions. After the completion acceptance, the decoration company will settle the balance of the project. In order to avoid the miscalculation of additional items and missing items, the owner should measure and verify the increased and decreased items in the decoration process during the acceptance process, so as to control this last pass. After acceptance, the owner should also sign a warranty agreement with the decoration company to safeguard his rights and interests

2. Water and electricity acceptance is the key point

although during the mid-term acceptance of the decoration project, the pressure test has been carried out on the waterway, the closed water test and the acceptance of concealed works have also been carried out for the circuit laying, and the project acceptance sheet has been signed by the owner, the foreman and the supervisor, and the pipeline Department has basic quality assurance. However, hydropower projects also involve the installation of waterway accessories, electrical accessories, lamps, electrical products, etc., so it is still one of the key points of the completion acceptance of decoration projects

the installation and acceptance of the circuit is mainly to check whether the lighting and power on are normal through the trial lighting of lamps and the trial control of switches. The owner can also test each socket with an electrician professional test pencil to see whether it is powered on, and turn on the switches to see if there is a problem

the installation and acceptance of waterway is mainly to check whether the pipeline is firm. You can turn on the tap to check whether it will shake; In addition, it also needs to see whether the water supply of the water pipe is unblocked and whether there is water leakage. It mainly depends on whether there are water drops or leakage at the position of the joint and elbow. You can take a paper towel to wipe the joint and elbow for detection. In addition, it is necessary to check whether there is "flashing" and "downhill" phenomenon in the room with floor drain. You can turn on the faucet or sprinkler, and after a period of time, check whether the ground water is smooth and whether there is local ponding. In addition, a water test should also be conducted to check whether the drainage of floor drains, toilets and basins is smooth

3. Paint acceptance: see and touch

the acceptance of paint should adopt the method of visual inspection and hand feeling under natural light after the paint is dry. During acceptance, pay attention to check that the variety, color and coating film of the coating should be consistent with the template. The paint surface shall be flat and smooth; The varnish has clear wood grain, no edge wrapping, adhesion and wrinkle on the large surface, and the color is basically the same without brush grain; The emulsion paint on the wall has no peeling, missing painting, and revealing problems. There is no sagging and wrinkled skin on the large surface, and the surface color is consistent without obvious brush lines

4. Acceptance of wall tiles: both inside and outside

acceptance of wall tiles and tiles first depends on whether the brick surface is flat, whether the gap of the brick surface is regular and consistent, and whether the brick surface is broken and collapsed. In addition, pay attention to whether the position of the tiles and waist line is correct, and there is no deviation or height error

in addition to external considerations, wall tiles and ceramic tiles also need to detect the internal hollowing rate. The owner can use a small metal hammer to gently tap the four corners and the middle of the wall and tiles to see if there is a hollow sound. The local hollowing rate of walls and tiles shall not exceed 5% of the total paved area, otherwise falling off will occur

5. Woodworking acceptance: flexible and easy to use

for the wooden door made on site, check whether the opening direction of the door is reasonable, whether it is flexible when opening, and whether there is blocking and rebound. In addition, check whether the door seam is reasonable. The door seam above and around the wooden door cannot exceed 3mm, and the lower seam is generally 5-8mm. In addition, check whether the seam of the door pocket is tight. For the cabinet door, it depends on whether the switch is normal. When the cabinet door is opened, it should be easy to operate without abnormal sound. In addition, check whether the cabinet door handle and various locks are installed in the correct position and opened normally

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