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Lifestyle and growth background decide what kind of decoration you are more suitable for? If you have no idea about this at all, then you can refer to the analysis of Wang Peng, the designer of Yuanzhou decoration company. A single style makes the environment too monotonous, and a unique home can be designed only by the ingenious integration of various styles

differences in techniques

from the perspective of decoration techniques, modern style decoration pays more attention to the comparative effect of decoration materials. Through materials with great contrast such as stone, glass and wood, or contrasting colors such as yellow and blue, as well as the combination of rigid and flexible materials, it creates a conflict in room decoration. And in the decoration of the shape of the pursuit of simple and not cumbersome effect

the classical style pays more attention to the sense of order and hierarchy of decoration, and the collocation of details. Often in a local decoration design, there are multiple levels of colors matching each other, and the decorative elements echo each other, one ring after another, and the lack of one will be out of tune

differences in color

in terms of color, modern decoration is characterized by contrasting colors and relatively simple color combinations. If you don't like it, you can change the color style of the room by changing two contrast colors according to your needs. For example, originally, white and black contrast tones were mainly used at home. In summer, you can change the black home decoration into cool light blue, light gray and other colors, so that the home will appear cooler

compared with the color combination of classical style, it cannot be updated so flexibly. Because the classical style of decoration emphasizes the order and rich level of color, one hair will touch the whole body, and if only one hair is moved without changing the color of the whole body, it is quite disharmonious. It pays more attention to the delicate feeling of color combination. The level of color and decorative details often show the cultural flavor of home

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difference between lights

in modern decoration, the concept of light environment is emphasized. In home design, the shape design of lights may not attract your attention, but when it gets dark, the combination design of lights creates a special sense of environmental space, which can give people a lot of associative space. The lamp is hidden in the decoration, but the light environment reflects the unique design concept

in classical style, lamps are only used as a part of decoration. In the design, the shape of the lamp is more important. It is added to the decoration design as a decorative element. The lighting changes little, so the environment at home is more traditional





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