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What are the precautions for the decoration of old houses in Beijing? How about the decoration price of old houses in Beijing: some decoration owners think that the reconstruction of old houses is not a big project, so they just need to pay their own money and hand over the home decoration project directly to the construction team; But have you ever thought about it? The decoration workers of the decoration team will not understand your living habits, and will not know what your preferences are, etc. only by personally participating in the whole process of the home decoration project, can the final home decoration effect make themselves most satisfied. At the beginning of the old house renovation project, decoration owners must carefully understand the following ten precautions for the old house decoration to ensure the smooth progress of their own decoration project

Beijing old house decoration

first, don't replace all the old furniture

if the old house you buy has just been used for twoorthree years, the decoration owners don't need to dismantle and redo all the projects. For the furniture with good quality, but with some old surface, you can paint the outside of the furniture and stick a beautiful skin on it; If the quality of furniture has problems, it is best to throw it away directly

second, don't smash and change the structure of houses

many old houses have problems such as too small size, unreasonable function distribution, unreasonable lighting, etc. “ Problems ”. Moreover, most of the old houses are brick concrete structures, and the walls are first load-bearing seismic components, followed by enclosure and separation components. If the bearing wall is knocked down in order to expand the space, the bearing and seismic capacity of the wall components will be weakened, leaving serious potential safety hazards

III. professional construction personnel need to be invited to carry out the wall top ground renovation, door and window renovation and water and electricity renovation

some decoration owners will casually find a road guerrilla to carry out the wall top ground renovation, door and window renovation and water and electricity renovation for their homes, but they do not realize that this may bring great hidden dangers to themselves. These three renovation works play a vital role in the quality of house decoration. If these three works are not done well, The decoration quality of the house cannot be good, so we must find professional construction personnel to carry out the construction of these three works

for the reconstruction of three sides, the house should be investigated on the spot to see whether there are obvious cracks, flatness, falling off and sanding, so as to repair. In addition, the transformation of doors and windows should pay attention to whether the doors and windows are aging. If the problem is serious, it must be removed and redone. Third, it is best to do a closed water test before the hydropower transformation. In addition, many old houses have aging wires and illegal wiring, which also need to be rebuilt

fourth, try not to make a large ceiling

many old houses have not made a ceiling, so the owners want to catch up with the fashion during the secondary decoration, and take advantage of the good opportunity of the secondary decoration to make a large ceiling for the house. According to the designer, the current standard floor height of residential buildings in China is 2.8 meters, and the net height is mostly 2.6 meters. If a large ceiling is made, the living room will be lower, and the low living room will affect the indoor lighting and increase people's psychological pressure. Therefore, ordinary houses are not suitable for making large ceilings. If conditions permit, a small hollow ceiling can be made, which is beautiful and practical without falling behind

v. don't use the balcony as a kitchen

some owners of old houses have moved the kitchen to the balcony in order to increase the utilization area of the living room. Although this increases the use area, it will increase the risk of sewer leakage and cause trouble for your future life

VI. before starting decoration, it is necessary to inquire about the allowable decoration time of the property management office

because most of the old houses are occupied buildings or communities, property management has strict regulations on the decoration time, and has different requirements for the cleaning of construction waste, so we must make clear these regulations first to avoid being punished by property management and easily causing disputes with neighbors, This is not worth the loss

VII. Do not damage the bearing structure of the house

no matter how to transform the old house, the decoration owners must not damage the bearing structure of the house, which will put the whole house in danger

VIII. Aging water pipes must be replaced.

the original water pipelines of old houses often have many unreasonable layouts. During decoration, the original water pipelines must be thoroughly inspected to see whether they are rusted and aging. If the original pipeline uses galvanized pipes that have been eliminated, all of them must be replaced with copper pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes or PP-R pipes during construction. For example, before decorating the bathroom, the floor drain should be blocked first, and the test should be carried out with water about 5 cm deep. If it leaks, the waterproof work must be redone; At the same time, it should be noted that no dead corner can be left after construction

IX. the circuit must be transformed.

the phenomena of simple circuit distribution, aging wires, illegal wiring and so on are common in old houses, which can no longer meet the power needs of modern families, so they must be completely transformed and rewired during decoration. If it is found that the original line uses aluminum wires, all of them must be replaced with copper wires with a section of 2.5 mm2. For the lines installing high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, a line with a 4 square millimeter cross-section should be set separately, and PVC insulated wire protection tubes must be used when embedding wires

in addition, the new national standard stipulates that the number of fixed sockets in civil residences should not be less than 12, but at present, there are still many second-hand houses whose original number of sockets cannot meet this standard. If mobile sockets are widely used, when the current load increases, the mobile sockets will produce abnormal high temperature due to poor contact, laying hidden dangers for electric shock and electrical fire accidents

X. “ Concealed works ” Take apart and start over

at present, a large part of the quality problems in home decoration are caused by “ Concealed works ” Caused by improper construction. What is “ Concealed works ”? In the process of construction process sequence, the part that will be covered by the next process and cannot be inspected after the work of the previous process is completed is called “ Concealed works ”. Therefore, when decorating second-hand houses, we should pay attention to “ Concealed works ” Pay special attention. For example, whether the pipes, lines and equipment of water supply, air conditioning, ventilation and other facilities in the ceiling have been tested for tightness, electrical insulation and resistance, whether the connection is firm, whether the joint method meets the requirements, and whether the flammable materials have been treated for fire prevention and flame retardancy are all & ldquo; Concealed works ” The scope of can't be checked after the first installation. Industry insiders suggest that when the old house is decorated, it is a good opportunity to reopen these parts to eliminate hidden dangers. The owner must strictly check and remove the “ Concealed works ” Get rid of it

Beijing old house decoration price budget

Beijing old house decoration is about 50 square meters (half a package, Party B's auxiliary materials include sand, cement, wire pipe, bottom box, putty powder, interface agent, bandage, waterproof. Party A provides main materials)

I: the demolition of old things is about 1500 yuan (old wall and floor tiles, wallcoverings and sundries)

II: Hydropower transformation is about 3500 yuan (strong and weak electricity add up to about 200 linear meters)

III: paving wall and floor tiles is about 4000 yuan (about 100 square meters)

IV: 4200 yuan (about 150 square meters) for painting the wall

V: paste gypsum line, skirting line, waterproof 1200 yuan

VI: installation of lamps, sanitary wares, curtain rods, switches, sockets and other hardware is 1000 yuan

VII: garbage removal fee 300 yuan

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

editor's summary: the above is the advice of Beijing old house decoration price budget experts: the relevant introduction of decoration knowledge to let old houses break the cocoon and regenerate. I hope it can help friends with this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website. More exciting content will be presented later. You can also go to the mall to buy more products you like




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