Three dimensional four degree plan launches mosaic

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Since September, many mosaic home decoration and engineering companies have found us. They are a little confused when they look at the website. Do you want to attract investment? Isn't it always an engineering mosaic website? There are many engineering cases on the website. In fact, 3d-4 not only does engineering mosaic, but also does investment promotion and franchise. Before, our dealers who wanted to join our agents could not get the investment promotion entrance. Therefore, 3d-4 plans to launch the second website, 3d-4 mosaic investment promotion and franchise website

what is special about this investment promotion website? Is there any connection between the project website and the investment website? Next, ADU will answer them for you one by one

the three-dimensional four degree investment promotion website is mainly in an atmospheric and concise style. It skillfully shows the benefits, technical support, policy protection and other contents of joining us in a way with pictures and texts. The biggest feature is that our franchisees will have a website that can upload store displays, products, engineering cases, news and information, which forms a large integration of resources. When engineering companies find us, we don't accept their orders, Guide them to our local mosaic franchise store. To sum up, joining three-dimensional four degrees, you can get a website for free, show your stores nationwide, get promotion and publicity for free, and get local customer resources for free




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