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Five key points for purchasing plates

home decoration will definitely use plates, so how to choose plates and how to identify them when choosing plates? The following are five key points:

plate purchase 1. check whether there are obvious defects on the surface of plates. The surface of decorative plates should be bright and clean, free of burrs and planer marks, and free of glue penetration and plate surface pollution (such as local blackening and yellowing). Try to choose plates that have no cracks, cracks, knots The natural warpage of the whole board of the jacket, resin bag and gum

channel should be as small as possible to prevent the sand penetration of the substrate due to improper sanding process operation

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plate purchase 2. Recognize the difference between thin wood veneer and natural wood veneer veneer plate

the plate texture of the former is basically straight texture, and the texture pattern is regular; The latter plate is made of natural wood pattern, and the pattern of pattern

has great natural variability and is irregular

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plate purchase 3. Plate appearance inspection decorative plate appearance should have a good aesthetic feeling, the material should be fine and uniform, the color and luster should be clear, and the wood grain should be beautiful. The texture of plate matching

and parquet should be arranged according to a certain rule, the wood color is similar, and the seam is almost parallel to the plate edge

plate purchase 4. the structure of the plate adhesive layer is stable, and there is no glue opening phenomenon

it should be noted that there should be no bulge and delamination between the veneer on the surface of the plate and the substrate, and between the layers inside the substrate

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plate purchase 5. Choose plates with low formaldehyde emission

don't choose decorative plates with soothing flavor. Because the greater the smell of the board, the higher the formaldehyde emission, the more serious the pollution

and the greater the harm

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